Choosing the Right White…

The most daunting task for most of our clients seems to be choosing the right white for their walls. Here are some of our quick tips to help you in finding the right white wall paint for your home.

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Start Your Research

Head online or flick through magazines and brochures. Find colours and colour schemes you like the look of and use this as your inspiration. One of our favourite paint companies, Dulux, have released a sophisticated app that allows you to scan  a colour using your smartphone’s camera – the app will then give you the closets corresponding colours in their range! This is an excellent tool and helps make the process much easier! Click here to download the app.

Warm White

Warmer whites are those tinted with a touch of yellow or red. Warmer whites go well in all kinds of light however, in a space that does not receive much natural light, a warmer white can really help in lifting the mood. These tones add a sense of warmth and intimacy to an otherwise cold or bland room and go well in creating an inviting and welcoming home.

If you are painting a small room, anything with TOO MUCH of a tint in it will look significantly darker once painted on all walls. Keep this in mind when making your selection and adjust the colour tint to suit the feeling you want in that space.

Cool White

Cooler whites are those tinted with a hint of green, blue or black. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a space and go very well with modern home styles. You must be sure that your home receives enough natural light to be able to pull this off though as cooler tones tend to absorb light and make wall surfaces appear “flat” and lacking in depth.

Narrow it Down

After narrowing down a cooler or warmer white selection, your next step is to pick out some favourites. Your local paint store usually has colour cards available. Once you have your shortlist, lay your sample cards side by side.

Whites are often so similar that the only way to really see the subtle differences is to place them right next to each other and compare.

Sample Pots

You can also purchase sample pots of your favourite colours from most paint shops. Paint a small section of wall in your home in each white and see how it reacts to the natural light. Try this in different rooms of the house too: it’s interesting to see how different the same exact colour can look in a different light!

What are your best tips for choosing a white paint colour? Share your advice in the comments below!


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