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Diamond Interiors would like to welcome our Guest Blogger: Izzy Evans of The Home of Inspiration Blog! Izzy has put together a very informative piece on selecting the right bath tub to suit your home and your needs. Please share your thoughts and comments and make sure to head on over to Izzy’s Blog for more wonderful ideas and inspiration!

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How to Choose the Best Bathtub?

Your bathtub is the heart of your bathroom and there are several things that you must take into account. From materials to insulation options, there are many aspects that could influence your decision.

When it comes to remodelling your bathroom, it is important to consider the primary function of your bath. What do you use it for? Whether it’s a place where you unwind and relax, wash the kids or bathe the dog, you need to decide on a bath that is most suited to your household.

A new tub could transform your bathroom providing both functionality and style. Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply remodelling you must select an installation method that works well with the space you already have.

If you’re struggling for ideas or need some advice on what type of bathtub is most suited to your lifestyle look no further, simply follow this guide to choosing the best bathtub.



Reece: Kado Lure Freestanding Oval Spa Bath

If you struggle with a bad back, arthritis or perhaps you just fancy something special, you may want to go for a whirlpool bath. You can bring the ultimate spa experience to your home – there’s nothing more appealing than coming home after a hard day’s work to a hot soak in your very own jacuzzi.

Whirlpools tend to fall into the higher end of the price scale, however if you want to splash out by adding a touch of class to your bathroom, then a whirlpool bath is the way to go.

Walk In

Mobility Aid: BANKSIA  DEL - 1500

Mobility Aid: BANKSIA DEL – 1500

If mobility is an issue for you and slipping is a concern, then a walk in bath can solve your problem and can now be fitted to almost any bathroom. An accessible bathtub is usually fitted with a chair-height seat – some are the same as a basic bath tub however you can have them specifically made to suit your needs.


Reece: Kado Arc Freestanding Tub

Reece: Kado Arc Freestanding Tub

If you want a deep bath that will completing submerge your body, then a soaking bath will be a great option. These types of baths have become very popular due to their size – they are comfortable and can be customised to meet your needs.

If you have kids then this option probably not the best bath to choose as the higher sides will make it difficult for you to lift children in and out. You can choose to have the bath free standing or built in. These tubs are suitably paired with a hand shower or a freestanding bath spout.


Reece: Ideal Standard Tub

Reece: Ideal Standard Tub

If you want a bath that will serve well in a family bathroom then a standard bath is the one to choose. Generally this type of tub is the most affordable and can works well as a built in alcove insulation. Regardless of the amount of room you have, you can rest assured that there will be a standard bath out there to suit your measurements. Standard baths also come with a tub-shower combo and can be found in a wide range of designs. Usually you can purchase standard bathroom as part of a suite complete with a toilet and basin/bathroom sink – these are pretty simple to install and can be done using your own expertise.

Izzy represents Diamond Interiors’ UK following. With her very keen eye for style and design, she is an absolute wealth of information and advice in the world of interiors. To read more from Izzy, visit her blog: The Home of Inspiration.


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