Guest Post: How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Bathroom by: Izzy Evans of The Home of Inspiration Blog

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Diamond Interiors would like to welcome back one of our favourite Guest Bloggers: Izzy Evans of The Home of Inspiration Blog! Izzy has previously written a Guest Post on our blog: Selecting the Right Bathtub. Her second piece discusses choosing the right colour scheme to suit your bathroom. Please share your thoughts and comments and make sure to head on over to Izzy’s Blog for more wonderful ideas and inspiration!

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How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Bathroom

When it comes to decorating, the bathroom is a difficult space to paint so it is crucial to choose a colour that works well with the room’s natural lighting. The bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in the house – it is the first room that greets you every morning and the last room that you see at night. The colour is what sets the tone of the bathroom so choosing the right colour to suit your bathroom is crucial.  So what is the secret to choosing the best colour for your bathroom?

Smaller Bathrooms/ Ensuite

Colour choice is one of the most important aspects when decorating a smaller bathroom. Generally smaller bathrooms or Ensuites have little natural lighting so opting for lighter colours is wise. White is always an obvious choice for smaller bathrooms, however for some people white is too abrupt or stark – if you are one of those people then go for a white with a pink or yellow undertone which will add a touch of warmth.


Aqua blue is also a good choice – it gives an expansive feel, while also opening up the space and making the room glow.

If your bathroom has very little natural light then you should opt for a pale yellow – this will give the illusion of sunlight: however, stay away from bright yellow tones as this could make the room seem smaller.


Silver grey is becoming a popular colour for smaller bathrooms: a contemporary colour choice – the shimmer effects reflects light off the wall making the room appear larger and adding a luxurious lustre to the space.

Family Bathrooms

When it comes to family bathrooms you can be a little more playful and outgoing while still keeping it practical enough for the entire family to enjoy. Opt for bright colours, yellow, blue, orange, red anything that’s going cheer you and the kids up. Don’t go overboard – the bathroom is still a place for relaxing, so be sure to paint the ceiling and skirting board white to tone it down.


If bright colours aren’t in keeping with the rest of your house then go for pastels. Pastel colours are fresh and inviting. Themes always work well for family bathrooms – nautical or seaside themes are safe bets but you could put your own spin on things. Make it a family project and get the kids involved in decorating your bathroom with a theme!

Master Bathrooms

If you have a master bathroom then it is important to make this space feel as elegant and as tasteful as possible. You want your master bathroom to be special so consider a colour pallet that is soothing and relaxing.


Think of a spa for inspiration: Spas use colours that will transform a space into a tranquil retreat. Natural, earthy tones will work well such as a warm grey, emerald green, soft brown or tan – you could even opt for cream or ivory if you want to play it safe. All these colours accompany gold nicely: a touch of gold adds sophistication to any room and you could even add some gold accessories to tie it all together. Alternatively, if gold is not quite up your alley, a chrome or copper look would also blend in well, provided that you stick to one finish for all your fittings (i.e. towel rails, mixer, etc).


Izzy represents Diamond Interiors’ UK following. With her very keen eye for style and design, she is an absolute wealth of information and advice in the world of interiors. To read more from Izzy, visit her blog: The Home of Inspiration.


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