Guest Post: Luxurious Bathroom Essentials by: Izzy Evans of The Home of Inspiration Blog


Izzy Evans of The Home of Inspiration Blog has previously been featured as a Guest Blogger on Diamond Interiors: check out her previous articles: Selecting the Right Bathtub and How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Bathroom.

In this post, Izzy discusses Luxurious Bathroom Essentials and adding that touch of glamour, comfort and elegance to your Bathroom. Please share your thoughts and comments and make sure to head on over to Izzy’s Blog for more wonderful ideas and inspiration!

Home of Inspiration Blog

Luxurious Bathroom Essentials

Designed and built by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms, Richmond Melbourne.
Designed and built by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms, Richmond Melbourne.

On average we spend just over 500 days in the bathroom in our lifetime so it is safe to say, a bathroom plays a huge role in every household. If you’re looking to make improvements to your home, the best place to start is often the bathroom; a lovely bathroom and functional and stylish kitchen are two major selling points in the housing market.

Why not turn your bathroom into a luxury bathroom by incorporating some luxurious bathroom essentials? It’s important to consider what separates a luxury bathroom from a standard bathroom, so if you’re hoping to add a splash of luxury to your bathroom then here are some luxurious bathroom essentials to give you some inspiration

Hot Tub

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Whether you suffer from back pain, arthritis or you’re simply looking for a way to de-stress – a hot tub will be sure to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Hot tubs are renowned for their added health benefits and can turn your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary! What could be more welcoming than coming home after a long day at work to a long soak in your luxurious bathroom? Simply divine!

Roll Top Bath

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A stand alone roll top bath can be a luxurious focal point to any bathroom. Roll top baths simply ooze quality and are utterly breathtaking. Opt for a soaking tub, perfect for relaxing in due to the fact they are deep enough to completely submerge your body with water. Free standing roll top baths are becoming more and more popular; they really do seem to be making a comeback in the world of bathroom design.

Wet Room

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Wet rooms are great if you’re looking to spruce up a smaller sized bathroom as they are great for space saving. If soaking in the tub isn’t your thing but you’re looking for an alternative way to shower then a wet room could be just what you need.

Wet rooms differ from traditional bathrooms as instead of having a standalone shower, the room itself acts as an enclosure. A step up from your conventional shower, a wet room is desirable and can actually increase the value of your house.

Heated Flooring

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What could be better than underfloor heating, particularly on those cold winter nights? Heated  flooring can take the chill off your stone or tiled floor and can keep your bathroom at a consistently warm temperature. Rather than installing heating in the floor slab, opt for undertile heating or undercarpet heating in other areas of the house, as these options are significantly easier to maintain.

Don’t let a cold floor ruin your joy. Stepping out of your warm bath on to a warm floor is a real luxury and could completely transform your bathing experience.


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The lighting you choose can have a huge effect on the mood of your bathroom. Opt for a dimmer  switch if you want to add a touch of romance to your bathroom – the dimmed light can make the space feel intimate and inviting. Added spot lights over the bath can transform your tub – the lighting will reflect off the surface  making the bathtub gleam.

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For added mood lighting use some scented candles – scatter them around the bathroom and light them on special occasions or simply for that end of day wind down!

Notes on Lighting from Diamond Interiors: Izzy’s points on lighting are spot on! Your bathroom lighting is very crucial, as it is in all parts of the home. It’s important to consider several factors such as sources of natural light, warmer or cooler lighting and how this will effect your overall colour scheme and desired mood in the space. Another great addition to your bathroom is under vanity lighting (LED strips) for a wall hung unit. This further accents the appearance of weightlessness in the space and can also be connected to a sensor to only turn on when someone walks in the room: perfect for that midnight dash to the bathroom!


Izzy represents Diamond Interiors’ UK following. With her very keen eye for style and design, she is an absolute wealth of information and advice in the world of interiors. To read more from Izzy, visit her blog: The Home of Inspiration.


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