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We often don’t realise how crucial choosing the right colour scheme is: colour is a highly powerful tool which has the ability to control our emotions, to create a desired atmosphere and to set the overall tone of a space.

When it comes to decorating your home, there is a lot that you must consider however, colour is something that will govern your decisions throughout the whole process so it is wise to plan your colour scheme early on.

If you’re stuck and require some inspiration then look no further: follow these tips on planning your home’s colour scheme.

Should I Stay Neutral?



Okay, so you may be under the impression that neutral colours are boring; however, this isn’t necessarily the case. Keeping it simple is great, especially if you’re a fan of contemporary decor. Utilising one simple colour scheme throughout your home will ensure that everything remains coordinated and a “flow” in colours is created throughout the entire house.

If you want to make things a bit more exciting, then just add a pop of colour here and there to brighten things up! For example: if your bedroom is predominantly white, you could add a pop of blue here and there to add a fresh feel. You could paint one wall as a feature, add blue cushions and a throw or even hang up some new blue curtains to brighten things up.

Diamond Interiors Notes on a Neutral Palette: Neutral tones are never out of style. Neutrals are both soothing and comforting. The lovely thing about accessorising with a neutral backdrop is that you always have the option of easily changing the entire feel of the space by simply swapping over your soft furnishings.

Perfect Combinations



If you want to play it safe and get the perfect colour combinations then there are certain sets of colours that will always work well together. For example – black and white: the perfect combination which also makes an amazing platform for other colours to build upon. Adding a pop of colour here and there to a black and white room will look flawless.

Grey is a great colour when teamed with zesty shades such as lime green or yellow. Browns and beige tones complement turquoise nicely and using orange gives an interesting pop to a usually classic and sophisticated navy.

Diamond Interiors Notes on Perfect Combinations: You can never go wrong with a classic colour scheme: Gold works well with Navy and Maroon while a Monochromatic scheme (layering shades of the same colour) in a space is another classic.

Colour Clash



If you’re looking to make an impact then clashing colours is a fun, exciting way of doing so. Use colour to reflect your personality, why not break the rules when it comes to colour?

The colours you are attracted to can reveal a lot about your personality: if your house is bright, then you’re a bubbly happy person; if you like neutrals you have a contemporary style; red could show you have a fiery side!

You want your house to reflect who you are, so if you have bright orange walls in one room or a moss green sofa in another, who cares?!


Diamond Interiors Notes on Colour Clashes: This is a great idea for your children’s rooms! Pink and green looks beautiful paired up, as does orange and blue, and purple and yellow.

Right Colour Right Room



Certain colours can work better in some rooms than others. For example, when it comes to choosing a colour for your bathroom, you want to go for energising colours like turquoise or blue that will fill you with life and prepare you for the day ahead.

Remember colour psychology can have a huge effect on the way we choose to decorate, so really give deep thought into what the room is used for before settling on a colour scheme.

Diamond Interiors Notes on Right Colour Right Room: Colour psychology is a very important factor to take into consideration when putting together a scheme for a space. For example, red is well known as the colour of passion and romance. However, red can also trigger anger, aggression and can even boost your appetite: notice how most fast food chains use red in their logos? Not just a coincidence!


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