Guest Post: Make it Monochrome/Achromatic! by: Dean Ronnie of The Coventry Demolition Company UK

Diamond Interiors would like to welcome back a recent Guest Blogger: Dean Ronnie of The Coventry Demolition Company, UK. Dean previously wrote a wonderful piece for us: Decorating Tips for a Modern Victorian Home and is now back to discuss creating an Achromatic or Monochrome Scheme in your home.

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A trend that has already been seen all over the catwalks of the fashion world is the combination of black and white, which is now also making its way into homes.

People often struggle with incorporating black into their households because it can darken the atmosphere. Using black and white can sometimes look very dull but there are ways to make an achromatic scheme look more stylish. Below we give you our tips on incorporating an achromatic scheme into your home whilst still making it appear to be light and spacious.



The first thing to do is to decide on the type of style that you want to go for. This is dependent on your own personal preference and the way that you want your house to look. Although you are using an achromatic scheme as the main theme, you can still choose an overall style for the room. For example, you may want to go for a graphic interior and use geometric patterns around the room. Alternatively, you could choose a more classic interior by incorporating vintage inspired pieces. Amongst the most popular of styles though, is the sleek and modern interior. As it is often very minimal, it makes for a great way to integrate an achromatic scheme.



Whichever style you choose, keep the walls white to balance out the black that will later be added. If you feel that there is still a lack of light, you can bring in a few large mirrors to reflect light and open up the room. If you don’t want to keep the walls completely bare, you could use things like wall stencils to give the room some character. If hanging up pictures, ensure these have black frames but be careful not to overcrowd the walls as this can often give the rest of the room a cluttered feel.


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With flooring, there are a number of options. Choosing a floor that is black is critical for this look. Whether you choose carpet, wooden flooring or stone tiles, ensure that your surface is black in colour.

Diamond Interiors Notes on Flooring: As Dean mentions above, a black floor is crucial in pulling off the achromatic look. A black floor “grounds” the space, and will create a solid balance in your overall furnishing scheme. Black timber is a great option (or black “timber look” tiles), paired with a white rug.


Depending on the amount of light in the room, you can decide just how much black you want to incorporate. For example, if you have a small room, you may want to only use a minimal amount of black.


The actual decor itself can vary according to your own personal style, for example you can go for more quirky decorative pieces, such as retro alarm clocks or a typewriter. You could also replace the door knobs in your house, which is a quick way to modernise and transform the room. If choosing to do this, the best type to go for are Victorian style door knobs as these can easily be found in black and adhere to the an achromatic theme.

Black lamps are good to place in the darker corners of the house. Search for pieces that represent who you are as this can help in personalising the rooms.

Diamond Interiors Notes on Decorations: Decorative mirrors fit in well with this scheme: add a black or white framed mirror to any space for an instant touch of glamour. Another interesting way to incorporate a bit of black in your home is using black tap fittings. Many bathroomware companies are now producing black tapware, black hand basins, black freestanding bath tubs, etc. These can look fantastic, sleek and stylish in any bathroom: the key is to not overuse the black! A touch of it here and there in the bathroom will fit in wonderfully with the rest of the home.



Ensure that the furniture incorporates black or white or both, as this will complete the an achromatic interior. For the kitchen, you could use a black dining table, or a white table and simple black chairs. You can try out different combinations and see what works for you. For the living room, you can invest in a white sofa and then use black cushions. The ratio of the colour is completely up to you. If you feel that the room is looking dull, you can add in some white tulips or candles to soften the atmosphere. You can also place black vases in any unused spaces.



You can incorporate lots of patterns around the house in order to make things look a bit more exciting. Opt for black and white tiles in the bathroom and patterned rugs in the bedroom. Look for spaces where patterns can be incorporated such as in bedding or in the hallway. Although you are sticking to black and white, you can still use lots of different prints.

There is no wrong way to do an achromatic scheme. It is all about your personal style and the way that you want your home to look. If some of your beloved items do not adhere to the achromatic interior, there is always the option of painting them. This not only saves you money but ensures that you can still make use of some of your favourite items.

An achromatic pallette is one of the most simple interior styles to incorporate into the household. Get started now!

What do you think of the Black vs. White scheme? Is it something you would love or hate in your home? Tell us in the comments below!


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