Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can have their challenges, especially when it comes to storage. If you haven’t got the space, where are you going to store all of your belongings?

Well don’t panic, because the following list will provide you with an array of storage solutions that are sure to help you find a place for everything from shoes, to clothing, to jewellery!

If you have a small bedroom and need a little inspiration when it comes to storage then look no further, our tips on Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms are sure to help you tidy everything away and make the most out of the space you have.


Dealing With Difficult Shaped Rooms

Many small rooms tend to have a shape that’s difficult to work with, slanting ceilings, diagonal walls – there are many ways that an unusually shaped room can get in the way of storing things correctly.

It’s all about being smart with the space you have: you can always find a way to stash your stuff. Work with your room’s decorative elements and build in storage to those nooks and crannies that aren’t being used. If you have a slanted ceiling or your room is in a loft conversion, take advantage of this and perhaps build in a bookshelf – this not only looks great but uses up the space you have that is just being wasted inside the ceilings and walls.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are always a great decision for smaller sized rooms as they don’t take up any floor space. Keeping items off the floor helps make the space appear both larger and less cluttered.

Floating shelves allow you the option of displaying items that you want to show off that would otherwise have been hidden away. The great thing about floating shelves is that when installed correctly, you can pretty much display whatever you want on them as they’re sturdy and come in all sorts for different shapes, sizes and materials. Ensure your floating shelves are installed correctly by seeking expert advice.

Narrow  Furnishing

If you’re short on space always opt for narrow furnishings, as they can add a surprising amount of storage space whilst only taking up a very small area of floor space.

A narrow table for example can offer a generous surface area ideal for displaying items or storing them underneath.

Jewellery Displays

You can literally create a work of art with your jewellery displays, by hanging your favourite items up. This also ensures that your neckelaces don’t tangled like they would in a jewellery box or tray.

You can either attach hooks or a stand directly to the wall, or if you feel like getting a little more creative, then you could try attaching some decorative hooks to the a plain picture frame. To store small items such as rings you can use pretty trays or decorative glass bowls.

Storage Boxes

For smaller rooms, storage boxes are actually a savior. Boxes can be easily stored under your bed or even stacked on top of one another.
For smaller belongings, you can find decorative storage boxes that can be put on display: play around with stacking different sized boxes on top of each other- this looks visually appealing and can make a real feature to your room.

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