Bedroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

So it’s that time for you to redecorate your bedroom again. That exciting but ever-so daunting process of restyling your personal space will usually run completely smoothly. However, in this process we can sometimes make the odd mistake – and we’re all guilty of this! So here’s a few things to avoid when you’re intending to design or redesign your bedroom.


Overfurnishing/Overcrowding Things –

First things first: clutter is always bad! But whether you have a box room or open-plan attic room, it’s important that you don’t overcrowd the space. There’s nothing worse than a cramped environment, but condensing our personal belongings is of course, easier said than done. Look for filling your space with lots of storage in order to hide away all those items we just can’t bear to part with.

Additionally, the furniture we choose can also cramp our bedroom space. Just because we see a piece of furniture we like somewhere, doesn’t mean it’s right for our bedroom. Ensure you think logically and take your bedroom’s measurements into consideration before committing to buy things that will become permanent features of your personal space. We’d all like a hammock in our room, but is it really that practical?

Suffering With Poor Lighting –

Correct lighting is is of paramount importance when designing your bedroom. Your bedroom is an area which will be used for a variety of different things; whether it be studying, listening to music or spending time with your other half, achieving the correct lighting is essential. Full-length floor lamps and LED lights are perfect in creating the right ambiance needed for the majority of our bedroom situations.

Choosing Style Over Comfort –

Our bedroom’s are our sanctuary; the place where comfort should always take preference over style. There is a way to incorporate both comfort and style without opting for too little of one or the other though, and that’s by pretty much ensuring that you choose aesthetically pleasing designs which you can guarantee are also comfortable before you purchase them. For example, if you buy a chair for your desk, also buy an attractive cushion to go with it!

Not Having A Focal Point –

A bedroom without a point of focus is like a dining room without a table or a living room without a television; it just doesn’t seem right! For bigger rooms, the obvious central point would be the bed which you could place in the middle of the room and all other things surrounding it. However if this isn’t the case, the focal point could be a piece of furniture, the window, or even a piece of artwork on the wall. Without this the room will feel cluttered but in the same way, empty and in need of that important central feature.

Neglecting Your Windows –

Windows are often unappreciated. They are our sources to the invaluable presence of natural light and fresh air: two things we really can’t go without! So embrace your windows and apply a suitable form of window treatment. Always opt for an effortless approach though: simple slatted blinds, shutters, light curtains or drapery. Watch out for heavy or thick curtains; this style is rather dated, collects large amounts of dust and often submerges the window and its surrounding area.


Izzy represents Diamond Interiors’ UK following. With her very keen eye for style and design, she is an absolute wealth of information and advice in the world of interiors. To read more from Izzy, visit her blog: The Home of Inspiration.


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