Space Saving Solutions for Small Homes

Looking for tips on how to save space and make your home feel and look bigger? Worry no more, as we have a list of the best ways to ensure that you fully utilise the space you have.
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Living Room

Let’s start with the living room then; one of the easiest rooms in the house to become cramped and cluttered:

  • Eliminate bulky seating

Not every living room can accommodate a three-piece-suite but that doesn’t matter. There’s now fantastic things called ‘snugglers’ which in size are somewhere between a sofa and an armchair and have space for two people to sit (and snuggle if they fancy it!) Add an accompanying armchair and a footstool to complete your furniture collection and marvel at the space you’ve saved by eliminating your bulky sofa.

  • Stick to white

One of the best ways to create the illusion of a bigger room is to opt for an all-white colour scheme. Paint your walls white and maybe even whitewash your floorboards – we promise it’ll look great! The blending of the walls to floor tricks the eye into seeing a much bigger space and being white, the light bounces left, right and centre off everything; again tricking the eye into believing it’s seeing a room which is much bigger than it actually is.

  • Utilise your bay window

If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in your living room, use it for Pete’s sake! This space can very easily be adopted as an additional seat in the room. Just add your favourite cushions or padding to the wide window ledge and away you go. To be especially clever, use the area beneath as nifty storage space!

  • Mirrors and reflective surfaces

Mirrors have, for a long time, been utilised in creating the illusion of a bigger space. In your living room, place a mirror above the mantlepiece for a classic and successful space-creating mirage. To exacerbate this effect further though, adopt mirrored furniture like coffee-tables, side units and lamps with gloss finish floorboards. The more subtle reflective surfaces you have in your room, the more places light will bounce and trick the eye into seeing a larger space.

  • Keep your displays open

Using open-display cabinets are another way to trick the eye into seeing more space than what’s there in reality. The space behind the books, ornaments or whatever else may be stored on the cabinets allows the eye to travel and see a more spacious area.


Let’s move onto space-saving ideas in your kitchen then:

  • Store things up high

If your cupboards and your pantry are full to the brim, why not use the tops of your cupboards for storage space? This space doesn’t need to look messy and cluttered though: storage devices such as baskets or tubs can store items whilst maintaining an aesthetically tidy area. Not bad hey?

  • Tuck bulky appliances away

There’s nothing more frustrating than things being in the way on your worktop. Microwaves are a key culprit in this matter and sometimes take an unforgivable amount of space up on worktops! Free up that precious space in your small kitchen, by mounting microwaves and other bulky appliances inside cupboards. The most popular way of doing this is by halving one of your cupboard spaces and placing the appliance in the bottom half, so as to not sacrifice the entire cupboard and the storage space it enables.

  • Add a breakfast bar

These wonderful things are excellent space-saving options for your kitchen. If you fit a length of shaped worktop to the end of a run of units, you’ve magically created a low-table which can be used for a casual 2-4 person eating area, or even just a homework or doodling area-brilliant!

  • Install glossy units

This is one of the all time best ways to create the appearance of a bigger kitchen when you only have a small space. These gloss fronted cupboards reflect lots of light and effectively make kitchen space feel larger. Enhance this effect further by laying down wooden floors; this also works as a glossy surface and light reflector to increase the feel of the space you’re in.


Well, have a compact, free-standing tub- The classic Victorian style free-standing bath tubs have been adapted by various contemporary manufacturers and they’ve created a perfect solution for those sporting small bathrooms. The new, modified design is shorter but deeper than the classic model, enabling small bathrooms the opportunity to install a freestanding tub and still have a deep, comfortable soak-genius!

  • Install a wet-room

These brilliant concepts have been around for a while in Europe, but the more skeptical minds of Britain have been reluctant to follow suit until recently, for fear of leaks. However, thanks to the development of wet room construction and tiling options which offer guaranteed waterproofing, wet-rooms are becoming a highly popular choice for those with limited bathroom space. They eradicate the need for a space-engulfing shower and instead, create a totally waterproof room.

  • White-gloss furniture

As mentioned in the above sections, white and glossy furniture creates the fantastic illusion of a bigger space due to light reflections and the way our eyes perceive it. In bathrooms, this works brilliantly as it complies with the modern colour preference for bathrooms.

  • Trick space with mirrors

As with all the rooms in your house, the bathroom would greatly benefit from the input of mirrors to enhance a small space. The classic place to put this is in the space above the sink which usually allows for generously sized mirrors. Don’t just follow the crowd though, be creative and add mirrors to things like your shower doors for an even more impressive way of increasing space.


Finally then, let’s move onto how you can save space in your small bedroom:

  • Choose a light colour scheme

Other than aiding sleep in the calming, cool effect they have on our minds, light colours like pale-blues and greens work to make a room feel and look larger. It’s not only the colour of the walls that contribute to this though, but also things like a pale wood floor, white furniture and painting the skirting boards the same colour as the floor, which will create the illusion of a much bigger room when you have limited space.

  • Use your bed and headboard for hidden storage

Nowadays, our beds are much more than the place we lay our heads at night. Modern designs highly concerned with practicality are making it a lot easier for space-saving methods in bedrooms. Lots of bed designs today have storage space in the headboard which is brilliant as it saves the need for bedside tables. Additionally, drawers beneath beds are a fantastic mode of both storage and saving on limited space.

  • Keep furniture off the floor

As with any room in the house, a key way to create the look of more space is to install free-standing furniture on show legs. The reason for this is simply because the more floor space our eyes can see, the bigger we will believe it is. It’s funny how easy we can trick our eyes!
Keep your curtains sheer and long- Small bedroom spaces should be flooded with light in order to increase the size of their appearance. Therefore, the window space should be as open as possible; allowing plenty of natural light in at all times. Sheer curtains or light blinds are the best way of ensuring this whilst also looking pretty, classy and delicate. To create the space-increasing mirage even further though, ensure the curtains are floor-length. The elongated effect will trick the eye into viewing a longer, heightened space-clever!

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