How To Decorate A Fake Fireplace

In ancient times, fires were a faithful and necessary part of the home. They essentially provided warmth, the setting for cooking and acted as the main social and focal point of the house. Nowadays, with the development of modern technology, there is a dramatic decrease in the need for real fires in the home. Instead, central heating and gas or electric fires have taken precedence in the majority of our homes, leaving many of us in older houses, with non-functional, empty fireplaces.

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So what do you do with this ornamental indent in your wall? Well you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an abundance of creative ideas to decorate and utilise that space on and around your ‘fake’ fireplace.

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Use it for books and magazine storage- Your faux fireplace is the perfect storage space for your books and magazines. Saving the need for potentially bulky or space-consuming bookshelves, this nifty idea creates an eclectic, quaint look to your room and works as a brilliant storage solution.

Store vintage suitcases in it-  Pick them up from flea markets, charity shops, antique stores or wherever else you come across them. Vintage suitcases look brilliant stacked in your non-functioning fireplace; giving a chic and artistic look to your decor. You can even paint them to match the colour of your room colour scheme- nice!

Create a flower/vase display- Create an ideal romantic setting by creating a flower and vase arrangement. The space in your faux fireplace is the perfect area for fresh flowers in vases. Be creative in your arrangement displays and use vases of different heights and shapes to produce a real statement display.

Display pillar candles- To create the similar kind of warmth to your room as a fire, whilst adding a touch of romance to your room, create a pillar candles arrangement. Typical of the candles you find in churches, such a display will create a soothing and inviting atmosphere in your home and really frame the ornamental aspect of your fireplace.

Add wallpaper and shelving- If you’ve got wallpaper in your faux fireplace room, add an extra bit to the square space in your fireplace. If your walls are painted plain though, add wallpaper in colours that complement your wall colour and let the fireplace make a further statement in the room. For additional practicality, construct a few shelves within the fireplace for storage of trinkets and display items. Here you can be as creative and personal as you like!

Add a record player and vinyls- The space in your non-functioning fireplace can be the perfect spot for a record player and your stacked vinyl collection. Not only will this create a quaint and artistic look to your room, it’s also a practical way of storing these items, which can often struggle to be placed easily in homes alongside modern technology!

Logs- Unequivocally, one of the best things to decorate your faux fireplace with are logs. Not only are these the classic feature of such spaces due to their necessity in fires, but they create a rustic, homely and snug feeling to your room. Stack them compact and freestanding, in baskets or on a metal grid and evoke the traditional aura of your fireplace.

Houseplants- It’s been proven that houseplants do wonders for the air we breathe. Add the goodness of nature to your room by storing a statement houseplant or multiple plants to the area in your disused fireplace. Opt for an English Ivy, a Bamboo Palm, a Spider plant or a Red-edged Dracaena to name just a few of the plants you could choose for this space in order to really lift your room.


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