Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa

“I don’t own a sofa that isn’t at least 40” deep, so I can curl up. Anything shallower feels like it belongs in a dentist’s lobby”- Windsor Smith.

 tips for choosing perfect sofa

As with choosing anything in your home, when its time to decide on the sofa you’re going to buy, there’s a good few things you need to consider if you hope to pick the perfect one. Your sofa is a huge investment- you hope to spend many years with it and definitely don’t want it to be something you look at with regret every time you’re near it. Here are some tips of a few things we forget when buying a new sofa, but should keep in mind when searching for the sofa we hope to fit perfectly snug in our home.

Size/Shape- One of the initial questions you need to ask yourself is, how much of the room do you want the sofa to take up? Do you want your sofa to be the focal point of the room, or just an addition to the other pieces of furniture in there? This will primarily determine what kind of sofa size you’re looking for. Sofas intending to take centre stage in a room will of course have to be larger in size and presence while rooms with lots of other furniture in it might be better suited for a chaise or daybed. Also, you should think about whether your sofa will be serving a purpose, i.e. will it be separating two different rooms? If so, a long L-shaped sofa is perfect for such a requirement. It is also perfect for bigger spaces as it really fills the available room. If you have a large, open space in your living room and frequently have lots of guests, a long, curved sofa would be perfect for you as this type of sofa shape is excellent for social gatherings or meetings.


Style/Colour- Aesthetically, these are the the main points you’ll have to consider when choosing your sofa. When considering the style, look at the decorating style already in place in your home. Is your decor style indicative of modern designs, or are you more a fan of vintage styling? Whatever it may be, you should ensure the sofa you choose coincides with and complements the decor type you personally prefer so that it matches everything else already in place, or the style that’s inevitable in the future. The same rule applies to colour. If you are somebody that constantly likes to redecorate and experiment with colour, the best sofa for you is a neutral-coloured one. That way, you can use throws and cushions to easily go along with your redecorating and not worry about having an awkward coloured sofa which clashes with your new colour theme. So play it safe; if you’re an indecisive person or get bored easily, neutral colours like beige or cream tend to go with everything.

Material-  Functionality is just as vital to the importance of choosing the perfect sofa as the aesthetics of it is. Although most of us would love the idea of a luxurious white suede sofa, it’s definitely not the most practical idea. For homes with pets and children, this type of sofa would be a huge mistake! Also materials like cotton or linen are a great choice in that they’re soft and pleasant, but they’re more susceptible to fading, staining and pilling. Most of us eat, drink and snooze on our sofas, so for the most durable of options, synthetic fibers like nylon and acrylic are great in that they’re more hard-wearing and long-lasting. Also, a classically reliable option is a leather sofa; easy to wipe down and keep clean, no matter what you’ve spilled on there!

So, the main things to remember when you’re buying your new sofa is to think about things in the long run. See your sofa as an investment for a long-term relationship; the way you feel when you buy a car for example. You and your sofa will have many a good time together, if you think about possibilities such as redecorating or kinds of social engagements you’ll be getting upto, before you buy it.

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