Guest Post: 5 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Child’s Room

Diamond Interiors welcomes RJ, representing Sleepy Bum Australia, joining us today on the blog to discuss some fun and creative ideas for decorating your children’s bedrooms!


The Bedroom’s primary purpose is to provide a place for you to rest and sleep. For your children however, the bedroom could be anything, including a playroom! That’s why every child’s room should have a fun flair without sacrificing the comfort and relaxing environment of the space.

These five ideas for decorating a child’s room are sure to pack the space with a playful and creative touch, while still retaining some practicality, allowing your children to have a peaceful sleep and enchanting dreams!

Every child becomes an artist at one stage in their lives, where they’ll scribble anywhere once they have a marker in their hand. Terrifying as it may sound, there’s always a way to keep your walls scribble-free! Don’t stop your child’s creative side, instead, cater to their talents by applying chalkboard paint to one or more walls in your child’s bedroom wall! If you’re not so keen on the painting idea, you can always purchase chalkboard decals which can be removed in a breeze!


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Now that your kids have developed their drawing and coloring skills, show them how proud you are of their beautiful creations by showcasing their projects on their bedroom wall, because every child is a budding artist in his or her own way and deserves to have their wall of art!


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Don’t give in to all the temptations by taking the easy way out and storing your child’s prized possessions on a generic shelf. Instead, make use of the skateboards that are sitting in your storage! Use strong metal mounts to hold the skateboards and there you have it, your DIY Skater shelves!


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Infuse fun and comfort on your child’s bed with these colorful animal collection bedsheets from Sleepy Bum! This is the easiest way to add creativity in your kid’s bedroom and an excellent idea for parents who don’t want to mess with the floor covering and bedroom walls.


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Two kids in one room? No problem! Let each child’s personality shine through by dividing one room in half by using two distinct colors. Use your child’s favorite colors for a personalised touch! Design the room according to their individual style so they don’t have to stay in a room they don’t like. Everybody wins!


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This article was written by RJ Lyn, an imaginative and diverse writer who’s too embarrassed to sum up her life in one line. She recommends Sleepy Bum for those who want to have a good night’s sleep.

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