How to Decorate your Rental Property


As a landlord searching for a tenant for your vacant property, you might find yourself reading tips for renting your house quickly.  If you do, you will have noticed that the decoration of your property has shown up time and time again as something that significantly impacts how much a prospective tenant likes your property when they come to view it for the first time.  Tenants are not just looking for a house that is the right size and location, they are also looking for a home that is ready to move into and looks nice.  As it is someone else’s property, your tenant most likely won’t want to spend their time and money making home improvements, and so if they do not like the look of the house, they may choose to rent another property.

Making sure prospective tenants fall in love with the property is essential if you want to let it quickly.  Here are some tips on ways you can decorate your home and make prospective tenants fall in love with it:

  •         The likelihood is you will need to re-decorate approximately every three years; always keep this in mind when decorating and make sure it will be easy to ‘freshen-up’.
  •         Neutral colours are a safer option. Don’t make the home personal to you, try to make it easy to move into for your prospective tenant and allow them to personalise. Using neutral colours is the best idea as this will allow your tenant to choose their own colour scheme, adding colour through rugs, sofas and other soft furnishings.
  •         Paint is always easier to use and touch up than wallpaper; consider this when you take on the mammoth task of re-decorating an entire house. If you think it looks too dull with paint only, maybe consider papering one wall as a feature.
  •         When you select the carpet try to choose a natural colour with no pattern, or very little pattern.  If you already have a carpet that is in good condition, make sure you have it thoroughly cleaned.
  •         As an alternative to carpet, why not try timber flooring. It is neutral and easy to customise with a rug, and it looks sleek and stylish.
  •         Before moving any new tenants into the property, you should attend to any outstanding home repairs that need doing such as attending to the hot water system, checking all appliances and fittings are in working order, etc.  Make sure you do these before you re-decorate to avoid ruining your hard work.
  •         Decorate your home to a high standard so that your home reflects the rental price you are requesting. Remember that tenants will have a good look around and will most likely notice if you cut corners: this will put all good tenants off.
  •         If you are letting your property furnished, make sure that all furniture is in good condition and meets the most up-to-date fire and safety regulations. Again keep the colours neutral, and provide white goods.
  •         When you decorate your home don’t forget about the outside of the property. After all that, is the first impression prospective tenants will get of your house.  Think about re-painting the exterior walls and drain pipes and staining or painting the window frames.
  •         If you are decorating your home, why not go the whole hog and do some gardening too: really sell your home! Ensure both the front and rear yards are well kept and neat.

Use these tips as a guide, re-decorate your house, and watch the tenants fall in love with your property.

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