Top 5 Tips for Choosing Towel Rails

Choosing the right towel rail: seems like a very petty task, doesn’t it? We can tell you that choosing the WRONG towel rail can be extremely annoying! Make sure to specify and plan your towel rails during the design stage to avoid annoying mishaps later on. Read on to find out what you should consider when planning your bathroom:

1. Allocate a space for your towel rails:

During the planning stage of any bathroom design, you should always consider where the most effective spot for your towel rail or ladder should be.

The best location is obviously near your shower and bathtub with a smaller hand towel rail located beside the vanity to dry your hands off.

Towel rails are unfortunately, very often overlooked in the planning stage and as a result, end up being squashed into the space in a bad spot; installing rails in an awkward place too far from the bathing areas results in wet spots all over your floors, lots more cleaning up to do and a chilly exit from the shower!

2. Ensure your consider all dimensions of your chosen rail:

Ensuring your rail will actually fit the space and suit the user is of course, another thing to consider. Check the following:

Hydrotherm Milan
380 Laundry Heated Towel Rack – Image Source

3. Consider the type of rail you will need:

We are truly spoiled for choice these days: There is an enormous amount of rails for just about every single situation imaginable, from straight to round, to floor to ceiling mounted, heated and non-heated, the choices are endless.

Are you short on wall space? Consider a freestanding rail that can be moved around the bathroom (Note: Heated freestanding rails are also available!)

Hydrotherm Milan
1000 Freestanding Heated Rail – Image Source

Considering a heated towel rail or ladder? Ensure this is chosen earlier on during the design stage as it can be troublesome to install after your plaster and tiles have gone up! Also remember to specify left or right hand wiring (if you have opted for a hardwired rail) and if you will need dress rings – some rails are available both with or without dress rings.

Hydrotherm Milan
730 x 500 Heated Wall Rail – Image Source

Do you already have ducted heating? A cost effective alternative to installing a heated towel ladder is to purchase a non heated model and install it directly above your heating outlet, giving you the same result as using a heated towel rail.

4. Select a style that will suit the other fittings in the space:

If all your tapware has a squared or rounded look, make sure to continue the same look with your towel rail. Keep the look and style continuous throughout the space to ensure it is easy on the eye and creates the desired effect.

Milli Edge
420 x 750 Heated Wall Rail – Image Source

5. Colour

Chrome is the go-to choice for bathroom fittings; however, we’re also seeing many more choices being introduced in the world of bathroom design, from black to copper to white bathroom fittings. Once again, ensure you carry the look through all of your bathroom fittings.

Milli Rush
432 Heated Towel Rail Black – Image Source
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