Perfect bedroom mirror

Though our dependency on them is lessening thanks to the rise of camera phones, no home is complete without A MIRROR. Whether it’s for that last second hallway check on your appearance, or for the meticulous application of make-up in the bathroom.

One place the mirror calls home is the bedroom. This is HQ for appearances – most days will start and end here, so it’s necessary to have a mirror handy so you can see what you look like before you set off for the day, or turn in for the night. But what should you look for in a bedroom mirror?

Full length

You may want a different style of mirror in your bedroom as well, but we’ll get to that later. If nothing else though, a full length mirror is essential. For one, there are few other places that typically suit a full length mirror. If used in conjunction with your wardrobe, you’ll want to see how you look from head to toe; It’s far easier to do so with a full length mirror.


Say you’re happy with your jacket, but you want to match a few more pairs of shoes with your trousers. You can walk back and forth between your wardrobe and the mirror, but ideally, you’ve bought one that’s fairly easy to move around, so you can move it next to the wardrobe from its usual place in the corner. A big, ornate mirror is fine in the hallway, as it’s unlikely to be moved regularly, but a bedroom mirror has to be of a more practical style.

In keeping with the style of the room

Now that practicality is sorted, it’s time to think about design. Fortunately, mirrors come with as many options as everything else in your bedroom. The key is to get something that suits the pre-existing style. Have a classy, subtle room? Buy a classy, subtle mirror. Something more bold? Then go crazy! A full length mirror is just as much as part of the decoration as the wallpaper, so keeping it in tune with the rest of your room is essential.

A second mirror

As we said above, while the full length mirror is the most useful, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one. If you want to apply make-up in the same room, which is a good idea considering the problems that come with storing make-up in the bathroom, a dressing table mirror may be just as necessary. Again, the same rules apply – nothing too big, and something in keeping with the decor. However, this one can afford to be a little more complex: added lights and fold-out side mirrors are perfect additions.

After all, we all know how long lads take to preen themselves before a night out these days!

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