Kitchen design trends for 2015

Kitchen fashion trends change more slowly than interior design elsewhere in the house, probably because it costs so much more to change a complete kitchen than it does to makeover a bedroom or living space. If you are thinking of updating your kitchen in 2015, there are some broad trends which have been identified and which can be used to inspire a new look which will take you several years into the future too.


Return of Wood

Wood has fallen out of fashion for kitchen cabinets in recent years, and it’s all been about sleek white units and shiny surfaces. However, wood is definitely making a comeback in a huge way in 2015, as the natural trend makes an impact in the kitchen too. Retailers are already reporting that wooden kitchen cabinets are in huge demand, especially oak. Sleek lines are not going to go away though, so look for wooden doors which are smooth and which do not have any panels or fancy carving to distract the eye from the clean lines. Another strong trend will be kitchen units which use a combination of different shades of wood in the same door or having contrasting woods for cabinets, furniture and worktops.

Open storage and shelving

If you’re not a neat and tidy person, then the next big kitchen design trend is not for you. Open shelving can look great if you have some interesting china or glassware to show off, not so great if your kitchen cabinets are crammed with tins and packets. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing though, you can choose to have some of your kitchen cabinets open and the others closed, it will depend on the look you are trying to create. Having some shelves open in the kitchen can be a good way of making your kitchen look a bit more lived-in and homely, and can be a good way of offsetting some very clinical looking design. Just make sure you put your prettiest mugs and nicest glasses on display rather than the packets of cereal and boxes of teabags.

Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Wallpaper has made a comeback in other rooms of the house but we are yet to see it make an appearance in the kitchen. Could 2015 be the year when this trend really catches on? Wallpaper can help you put some personality or colour into your home without breaking the budget. In the average kitchen only a small amount of wallpaper can change the look completely, and you can also change the look quickly when you want a change. Look out for wallpaper which is vinyl-coated or can be wiped down as the kitchen is one of the rooms of the house which we see the most and where walls are most likely to get marked. Decorating can be an expensive business, check out this article for low budget ideas. However, rolls of wallpaper can be extremely economical when bought in large DIY stores, and even more so if you get paper in the end of line or reduced to clear section. You will only need a couple of rolls to create impact in your kitchen, so allow your imagination to run wild.

Tribal Style Influences

Vibrant and colourful tribal patterns are going to be huge on the catwalk for the next year or so, and if you don’t like the natural trends with lots of wood, or the high gloss black and white look, a tribal theme can be a great way of getting colour and warmth into your kitchen. You don’t have to rip out the entire kitchen and start again; it’s a relatively simple job to remove your old cupboard doors and replace them with doors in shades of deep red or even orange. Depending on the material which your kitchen cabinets are made from, you could also take the doors off and spray paint them with one of the year’s most fashionable colours. If replacing doors is not an option, think about the tribal influenced trend when you are buying new artwork for the kitchen or new table linen or mugs.

Ceilings Which Make Impact

We often neglect lighting when it comes to designing our kitchens, and even in the most ostentatious kitchen the ceiling is left plain white. One of the main design trends for 2015 will see the kitchen ceiling starting to become as important as the flooring or tiles. As well as impressive statement lighting replacing spot lights and down lights, expect to see more use of architectural features on the ceiling such as plaster mouldings, cornice around the joins between wall and ceiling, and areas of the ceilings at different levels. Replacing a whole ceiling is fairly major work, but if you are having building work done anyway, consider taking advantage of the opportunity to put in some unusual lighting or create different levels with suspended ceilings or lighting which hangs lower than ceiling level.


Shiny metallic finishes on clothes or on soft furnishings are nothing new, but in 2015 we will start to see them make an impact in the kitchen too. Metal kitchen units and stainless steel work surfaces will give an industrial “professional kitchen” fell, and are very easy to keep clean. The downside of metal surfaces in the kitchen is that finger marks from children can make them look very grubby, very quickly. Another good alternative is to use the metallic theme on your wall tiles. Metallics make a huge impact in the kitchen, so keep the tiles for smaller areas like a splash back rather than using metal tiles across a whole wall. If you are only using metallic tiles on a small area, this may mean you can splash out a little bit and look for more luxurious tiles. Whatever type of metal finish you choose, try to tie all of the elements such as lighting, handles on cupboards and any metallic tiles together, as using lots of different metallic tones will just look muddled and confused.

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