Spring cleaning tips

It’s official – Spring is here! Well, almost. March 20th is the actually recognised start of Spring, but we’ve always counted March, April and May as the Springtime. Which means it’s time for Spring cleaning!

spring cleaning

The phrase usually generates two distinctly different reactions. Some people relish the chance to have a thorough clean of everything, so Spring Cleaning is a great excuse to get started. For others, however, it’s a terrible prospect. Cleaning can be such a chore, especially if you haven’t lifted a finger since last Spring, and if you happen to live with overly excited cleaners, it can be a nightmare!

Well here are some tips we’ve devised that will hopefully appeal to both demographics. There is nothing here that is overly tedious or hard. Just quick, timely things than will have your house looking great in no time.

Time things out

First things first, set out a game plan. Cleaning can seem like an impossible task, so setting off in the first place seems like a waste of time. But if you simply sat down and mapped out all the cleaning you’ll have to do, you should find that your expectations don’t match reality.

Once you have timed out each task, you can figure out the best way to tackle things. You could choose a different room every day, or split things up daily, with a couple of little tasks coupled with one big one. Or, if you are desperate to get everything over with quickly, you could do everything in one day!

Leave the dirtiest thing til last

This might seem counterintuitive, but stick with us. Usually, it is advised you tackle the worst task first, eliminating it early and meaning your day is only going to get easier from there on out. But when it comes to cleaning, the opposite can be true. If you start with the dirtiest, you’ll be spreading dirt, grease, and other things all around with your cleaning tools, clothes etc.

In a kitchen, for example, leave the top of the hob until the end. Otherwise, all of the standing grease and leftover food bacteria will be spread through the rest of the kitchen.

Microwave the sponge

Wait! Hold on! We haven’t gone crazy! Sponges are something you take for granted, but if you sat and thought about it for just a second, you’d realise that they are a sanctuary for bacteria of all kinds. It’s bad when you are just using it to wash dishes, but if you are cleaning multiple surfaces, the bacteria will build up even quicker.

The way to counteract this is to ring the sponge dry, and microwave it for a minute. This will destroy a lot of the bacteria held within. Once the sponge quality starts to deteriorate, throw it away. They aren’t family heirlooms, and they are very cheap, so dispose of them at the first signs of wear and tear.

Throw things out

Speaking of things not being family heirlooms – you know as well as we do, there is a draw (or possible an entire drawer) full of clothes you have no intention of ever wearing again. So why keep them? Some will hold memories (we aren’t suggesting you throw away your wedding dress!), but most won’t. So start with a major declutter.

This applies to other things besides clothes, however. Every room contains things you either no longer need, or never used in the first place. Kitchens, living rooms, cupboards, and even bathrooms can be harbours for clutter. You may find you remove so much stuff that your cleaning schedule is dramatically reduced!


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