Decorate your home with photographs

You are never short of options when it comes to decorating. Furniture, wallpaper, and even plants can be used to help spruce a room up. But one of the most versatile sectors of home decoration is sadly losing its way in the 21st Century – photographs.

Formerly the undisputed champion of wall decoration, traditional photographs are becoming less common as the big switch to digital cameras continues to spread. People simply don’t have photographs developed anymore. But just because they are becoming less frequent, photographs aren’t becoming less viable as a decorating option.

They simply need to adapt a little.

Here are a few tips we’ve come up with to help you maximise the photographs you already have, as well as tips on how to properly utilise your new digital photos.

Collage / Mosaic

As it always is, “retro” is in right now, particularly 90s nostalgia. Back in the 90s, parents would adorn their walls with photos of their kids, much to the embarrassment of the kids! Now, however, these precious memories are captured and stored on a smartphone. But for those looking for the best of both worlds, why not combine the two?

Start by printing out some of your digital photos onto high quality paper (most supermarkets and a lot of high street stores offer this service). At the same time, drag out pictures that used to hang on your wall from back in the day. Put both into matching picture frames (which helps the collection look more like a collage as opposed to just a random jumble of photos), and create a collage or mosaic on one of your walls. You could try and save the embarrassment of any of the subjects of the photos by putting the collection somewhere discreet. But if you are sticking with tradition, it should be front and centre!


If traditional photographs aren’t your things, then why not go with something a little bit more artsy? Canvas prints are a great way of standing out from the crowd without being garish. The process is similar to printing out digital photos, only a little more refined (and a tad more expensive). But the end result is worth it.

Now you have something akin to a painting to hang on your wall. It might lack the quirky, nostalgic charm of old school pictures, but they really do stand out as pieces of art. If “class” is what you are going for, this is the choice for you.

Outside the box ideas

Alternatively, if you want something much less refined, there are plenty of options for you too!

The rise of digital photography means that the range of items you can print photos on to is ever expanding. We’ve all seen the photograph cakes, but now you can get pillows, quilts, shower curtains, and even wallpaper with your photos on! It might be a little eccentric, but this will definitely be a unique use for your photos. And don’t think you’re limited to just new photos – there are plenty of ways of digitising your old ones too.


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