How fireplaces make the world a better place

Yeah, we said it – fireplaces make the world a better place.

That may seem like too grand a sentence, but it’s true! Fireplaces have opened up so many doors since their invention several hundreds of years ago, and continue to improve the lives of millions around the world to this day. Lets look at some of the ways they affect peoples lives:


Warm up winters

The first and most obvious benefit fireplaces provide is their heat in the Winter months. For most, a Winter without a roaring fireplace is unimaginable. We’ve become so used to it that, should the fireplace break down for any reason, the domino effect can be huge!

But the benefits go far beyond just keeping warm. As anybody stuck out in the cold for a long period of time will attest to, the freezing temperatures have an adverse effect on people’s emotions. People can become short tempered and glum quite quickly when the thermometer starts to plunge, so fireplaces actually help keep the family happy!


Get them outdoors

While just a few years ago fireplaces were for indoor purposes only, advancements in the sector means they are becoming a more common feature of gardens and patios. Not only do they bring a touch of class to your garden, but they also extend the amount of time a year you can spend in it. While most abandon their patios in August, those with fireplaces can enjoy the outdoors well into Autumn and possibly Winter!


Fight illness

We’re told every year that old aged pensioners need monetary help to keep the heating on during the coldest months of the year. This isn’t done just to keep them nice and cosy – it is also done to make sure their immune system doesn’t start to drop. If it did, they leave themselves open to illness like the flu. So fireplaces are actively saving lives!


Help the poor

Another benefit you may not have considered is how the advancements in fireplaces ave made them cheaper. They used to be expensive to produce, thanks to their complex, “hand-built” nature. But mass production techniques, coupled with the desire of companies to have “something for everyone”, has lead to the low end price of fireplaces coming down. Now people who previously wouldn’t have been able to afford fireplaces can. That is an undeniably good thing.


Good looking

While this may not rank as highly as some of the other points on this list, it still bares mentioning. Even as recently as a few decades ago, the vast majority of fireplaces were purely functionary things. The upper class may splash out on big ornate ones, but for most, the fireplace was a tool moreso than something that needed to look good.

All that has changed now. The aesthetics of a fireplace are just as important as it’s ability to heat a home. There are a vast number of options, from traditionalist pieces to fireplace that look like modern art! How does this make the world a better place? Well would you rather look at a black, one bar heater, or a wall mounted panoramic model with dancing flames? Never underestimate the benefits of looking good!


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