Motorhome decor ideas

I am so excited !I am going on a motorhome holiday across the UK with a couple of friends. We decided on buying a VW Camper Van, and are in the process of decking it out in a shabby chic style. The style and the type of van seem to go hand in hand I’m sure you’ll agree!


But in researching the shabby chic style, and rummaging around eBay for items, I have come across many more style options. So in hopes of inspiring others to take a similar voyage to the one we’re taking, here are a few motorhome styles you could consider:



Starting off, we have a style that may be most appropriate for those looking to take a stereotypical motorhome holiday to the seaside. This style essentially brings the coast on the outside to the inside! Using ornaments like life rings, shells and maybe the odd tiny surfboard, you’ll feel like you never left the beach. The closer you can get it to the inside of a boat, the better!


Route 66


This one harkens back to that other type of motorhome holidays, namely the “Hollywood” option of tearing down America’s Route 66. And just because you aren’t going to the USA, doesn’t mean you can revel in the iconography of it. Adorn the walls with piece of Americana, like Route 66 and neon Coca Cola signs, and never forget you can get ANYTHING made in the style of the Stars and Stripes – pillows, curtains, carpets, and everything in between.



Why the quotation marks? Well, we’re not trying to be sexist, but one look at the inside of a motorhome done out in this style by either a man or a women would result in them remarking “Wow it’s girlie in here!”. This style won’t be for everyone, but those who used to have bedrooms decorated with the flower motifs, big fluffy cushions and candy gloss paint seen here will revel in the nostalgia of it all.


Geographical Explorer

We mustn’t forget that motorhomes aren’t just for chasing the sun. For some, they are solely for the purpose of exploring. Those with a passion for travel will love this. You will essentially be building your very own explorers cabin, complete with globes & books, and maps in place of wallpaper. Even if you don’t go beyond England’s borders ,you can at least pretend you are on some transcontinental epic journey!



This is almost a swear word in some circles. Glamourous camping, or “glamping” as it is known, is the philosophy that camping doesn’t have to be “rough and ready”, so to speak. Gone are the days of muddy boots, creaky caravans and cold nights. In their place are leather couches, full sized kitchens, and every conceivable mod con imaginable, up to and including the internet and satellite TV. It may not be for everyone, but if you have the money and the time, it’s a motorhome holiday without any of the traditional drawbacks.


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