Unconventional Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are pretty uniform in their set up – a sink, a toilet, and a bath and/or a shower. This is true almost the world over, with only a few variations. The layout differs, the prices range, and the water even spins in different directions depending where you are, but for the most part, these three/four things are staples. Throw in toothbrushes, bath mats, towel racks and the like, and you have everything one might consider necessary for a complete bathroom.

But does it always have to be this way?

Just as there are hundreds of varieties of kitchen and bedroom appliances, there are just as many diversities in bathroom accessories. Some are really good ideas, whereas other are a little. . . “out there” shall we say. Here are a few we have seen.



The quintessential “unconventional” bathroom appliance, the bidet is much more common around the World than one might think. In fact, even in Europe, we in the UK are in the minority. There are plenty of reasons to own a bidet, but the main one is price – you stand to save a lot of money on toilet rolls over the bidets lifespan.


Toilet Seat Warmer

We’ve all been there in winter – you need to go to the bathroom, but the thought of sitting on the seat is unbearable. Fortunately, there is a way around this. Toilet seat warmers give the seat, be it wood or plastic, a nice warm feel, without the danger of burning or melting them. Never dread a shivering seat again!


Magnetic Soap Holder

Losing the soap all the time? Does it forever fall off the side and end up in the sink? This is a simple solution. Magnetic soap holders include a small magnet that can be pushed into the soap, which corresponds with the attracting magnet on the holder. Now you’ll always know where the soap is, and you’ll have it stored in a stylish way as well.


Waterproof Notepad

Now we are starting to head into the unknown. Some of our best ideas come to us in the shower, but we can’t write them down. Or people are forever using the wrong shampoo or conditioner despite you telling them several times which is which. Now you can scribble down these ideas quickly and simply using a waterproof notepad stuck to the wall. If this gadget leads to some shower-time breakthrough, remember where you read it!


iPod Toilet Roll Holder

Entertaining yourself while in the bathroom can be a little difficult, given the absence of plug sockets. Well this little gadget gives you an outlay for this dilemma. Simple plug your iPod or iPhone into the top, and it will play music out of the speakers on the side. The fact that it sticks easily to the wall and dispenses toilet paper is simply a bonus.


High Tech Toilet

Straight off the bat – these high tech toilets, usually associated with Japan, aren’t cheap, starting at around £400. But to some they will be worth that price tag and then some. Offering bidet services, a heated seat, a massage, music, and even a hot air delivery system, it might become the best seat in your house.


The RSStroom Reader

We include this final entry just to show you the extent of the crazy bathroom accessories. The RRStroom Reader prints out news items onto toilet paper, so you can keep up to date on the news even when nature calls. It’s an expensive novelty, yes, but what a conversation starter!


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