Why summer is the best time to buy a fireplace

Buying a fireplace is never going to be a simple decision if you want it to be functional, long lasting and pleasing to the eye. They usually end up being the centrepiece of whatever room they are in, so for those of us who are house proud, it’s a choice we have to get right.

But here is a factor you may not have considered – when is the best time to get a fireplace? Well we have a suggestion that may seem a little odd, but comes with a lot of thought behind it – summer.

The first and most prominent question you may have is “But that is when I use my fireplace the least”. That’s true, but it’s almost entirely because of this fact that summer is in fact the ideal time to buy. Here’s why:


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Simple, basic business sense teaches that as demand rises, so do prices. If the product you are selling is flying out the door, incremental increases in price will only increase your profit margins. The changes of the seasons brings about a lot of rise and fall in product sales. For example, you can probably buy boxes of de-icer spray in the summer for next to nothing. But when ice starts to creep onto windscreens again in November, the price spikes.

The same will be true of fireplaces. The drop in demand for indoor heating will coincide with retailers dropping their prices. So going in now will likely result in either a must cheaper fireplace, or a better fireplace for the money you would be paying in the winter.


Coincides with redecorating

The reason “Spring cleaning” starts when it does is because temperatures are back on the rise at the start of spring. Winter tends to make people lazy, reluctant to do any intense redecorating as it’s either too cold or too bleak outside to appreciate the work. So if you are redecorating for the year ahead in summer, why not buy a big part of the room at the same time?

You would have the capabilities to perfectly tailor your fireplace to your chosen design scheme, with no pressure to buy the fireplace quickly in order to heat your home. Speaking of which . . .


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If your car runs out of petrol, you are going to push it and fill it up at the nearest petrol station, regardless of the price of fuel. That is because your need for the product outweighs the importance of getting the best deal. The same will apply to any fireplaces brought in the winter. Your need to heat your home will take priority over every other factor in the decision, which may lead to multiple compromises.

Since you aren’t reliant on the fireplace in summer, you can afford to shop around, with no pressure to buy quickly so you aren’t sat in an ice cube. This means you are much more likely to stumble across a fireplace that matches all your desires and needs. Furthermore, if you do buy a fireplace but sour on it, you should be able to return it and get a new one, again safe in the knowledge that you won’t freeze between the old one being taken out and the new one being installed!



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