Glass accessories for your home

Glass has always been a fascinating material to incorporate into the home. Staples like glass and cups are so ingrained in our culture you would likely only register in your consciousness if they weren’t there! But there is more to this material than just allowing us to see out into the world.

Though it can be a little brittle, few man made things can measure up to it when it comes to beauty. And with more complex glass sculpting techniques becoming available, we are no longer restricted to glass in a square, flat shape. So if you want to utilise the material more in your home, how best to go about it?

Fortunately, there are lots of options available. Here are just a few you might want to think about the next time you want to redecorate, on a small or big scale.


glass vase

Something nice and simple to begin with. The availability of flowers has increased over the past few decades, with supermarkets cottoning on to the fact they make for an excellent display to put at the front of the store. So take advantage, and buy some every once in a while, complimenting them with a nice vase. The vase lends itself to a variety of shapes and sizes, so those really looking to push the boat out could buy several, ranging from small stocky ones to big tall ones, and then compliment them with different sizes and shapes of flowers.


Expanding on vases, glass containers can also be used for other things dotted around the house. The kitchen is likely to be the first place you’ll think of, and glass lends itself to a lot of different food storage solutions. The morning coffee and tea can be put in glass jars, and cutlery can also be placed in a decorative glass box.

But why stop there? Forever losing the TV remote controls? You could solve the problem with a decorative glass box placed on top of your coffee table. The same logic can be applied to untidy toothbrushes, and they can also makes for create accessory containers in the bedroom.

Display Boxes

Moving away from items that come with a certain amount of functionality on top of their decorative appeal, we now move into the sector of glass accessories meant purely for aesthetic appeal. People often have items they are fond of, but keep hidden away for fear of breaking them. This can be solved by incorporating glass display boxes dotted around the house. There are all manner of things you may be sentimental about, so why not show them off!

And size isn’t really an issue. You can go from things thin enough to fit in a picture frames, to things big enough to fill entire shelves. Unless you want to display your prize winning speedboat, you’ll likely find something up to the task!


Strictly speaking, glass display boxes do serve a small function, but glass ornaments, and in particular glass sculptures, hold now practical value whatsoever. Their sole purpose is to be admired. But they are of course objective, so we’re afraid our advice can only extend to “You should get one”, and the rest will be up to your own individual taste.

Big Furniture

But why stop at small items? As we mentioned at the start, glass cutting techniques have meant that more and more items are available in glass form. So if you really want to make a statement, it might be worthwhile getting one or two big ticket items.

glass table

A glass coffee table, for example, can act as a great centrepiece for a room. They are made of sturdier glass than you may be used to, so theres little need to worry about it getting chipped or damaged. Plus is turns what is a functional piece of furniture into an art piece as well. For us, that makes it well worth it’s cost over traditional wooden coffee tables.


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