Old school bathroom decorations to avoid

An ugly bathroom is a terrible thing, and there are a few design faux pas that will make any suite look stale and outdated. We’ve helpfully outlined the worst of these for you along with some ideas to easily update your bathroom décor.


If you have carpet in your bathroom the simple fact is that people will judge you. Carpeted bathrooms are a haven for bacteria, mould and mildew. They get wet easily and are difficult to clean, not to mention unhygienic and smelly! If you really cannot abide stepping out of the shower onto anything other than a cosy warm floor, you could opt for underfloor heating as an alternative, or more affordably a trusty old bath mat, which you can easily chuck into the wash when it gets dirty.

Ugly colours

old_bathroom3Particular colours in your bathroom suite can instantly date your property, the worst offenders being pink or the dreaded avocado suite. Beige, blue and brown are also very much of their time when it comes to bathroom décor and it is always a safe bet to stick to fresher, paler shades such as white and ivory to ensure a timeless suite. Avocado suites have even been reported to bring down house prices, so updating your bathroom by colour alone can potentially have a dramatic effect on the real estate value of your property.

Fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent strip lighting in your bathroom can make even going for a wee feel like a traumatic experience – the harsh light accompanied by that relentless buzzing noise and the horrible anticipation between pulling the light switch and waiting to see whether or not the light will actually flicker on, it’s almost like walking into an enemy’s lair. Don’t leave bathroom lighting as an afterthought – installing a dimmer or soft LED lighting can have an effect on the ambience and mood of your room and make bathing and even other things a more enjoyable experience.

Toilet lid covers

pink bathroom

Covering the lid of your loo with a fluffy cover might seem like a cute way of inviting warmth and comfort into your WC, and indeed it is always nice to have somewhere cosy to sit down after your shower or bath, but toilet lid covers are just a way of collecting anything that hasn’t made it into the bowl and can make it very difficult to keep the lid upright for those who have to point and shoot.

Toilet roll covers

No-one is entirely sure where the crocheted toilet roll doll originated, or indeed why, but this is certainly one item your bathroom can do without. Aside from being a little bit weird, your family and friends probably don’t need the awkward faff of interacting with a little woolly lady every time they come to use your loo roll.

Ugly tiles

tilesSome tiles can be a primary reason your suite looks out-of-date, especially pastel colours or floral patterns. Thankfully, this can be a fairly easy problem to rectify – painting tiles is a cheap and quick alternative to retiling and the job can be completed in an afternoon.

Medicine cabinets

Having a medicine cabinet above your sink may seem the norm, but in recent years the popularity of these cupboards has been declining. Medicine cabinets are ultimately just an excuse for guests to snoop through your embarrassing ointments and creams, and even if your friends are classier than that, they also makes it much easier to unwittingly hold onto out-of-date medications you should certainly have thrown out years ago. Have a declutter and maybe rethink that cabinet, for health and safety reasons if not just aesthetic.


Lastly, there’s no excuse for hanging curtains in your bathroom windows. If you don’t already have frosted glass (you exhibitionist, you!) then blinds are much more hygienic and contemporary-looking.


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