How much fireplace direction can you do in a day!

Long weekends are few and far between for most people. They usually only occur when a national holiday rolls around. The extra time usually leads to one of two things in the spring or summer – either a mini vacation, or a whirlwind redecorating spell.

But there is one area of the house that can go unnoticed when these spates of remodelling starts. The fireplace, due to its rapid decline in usage, can often be forgotten until the cold air returns in September. While change is happening all around it, the fireplace stays stationary, almost at odds with the rest of the room.

So why don’t you try and change things up a little? It really isn’t that hard to repurpose the fireplace as something more appealing while it is out of commision. In fact, every tip here can be done in a day!

Decorate it


Everyone knows that fireplaces can handle additional decorations at Christmas time, with stockings, tinsel and lights all thrown across it. But why shouldn’t it be open to seasonal decoration when the weather gets hotter? If you want to do this with minimal effort, it could just be a case of moving the flowers and vases that litter your window ledges from May through to August over to the fireplace.

Or you could choose to get more creative. The fireplace is ideal for displaying photos, both on top and leaned against it. If you have pin holes for the stocking at Christmas time, why not hang pictures from them? If pictures aren’t your things, you could choose to hang tiny baskets of flowers off them, or cutesy art pieces. And most importantly, all of this can be done quickly, either with one trip to the shop, or a quick search around the house.


Cover it


Of course, the above tip doesn’t address the problem of the fire itself. You can decorate around it, but the fireplace will still be front and centre. So you could choose instead to cover the fireplace entirely. Your first option is to cover it with something fabric. However, finding a cover for it that is in-keeping with your interior decorating scheme might be a nightmare, not to mention the fact that the change may be so “out there” that it become disconcerting.

So we are suggesting you instead utilise art again. Big canvas prints are becoming more and more frequent on the walls of living rooms across the world. But their lack of a picture frame means they can be placed in a wider variety of places than traditional pictures. Plus, you can get pretty much any photo made into a canvas print in a day at specialist shops. So why not blow up one of your favourite photos and cover the fireplace with it? It’s quirky, but it beats staring at a fireplace for 4 months!


Remove it

This may seem drastic, but let’s put it this way – you wouldn’t leave a portable fan knocking around in the winter, would you? Though some fireplaces aren’t removeable due to them being attached to a gas pipe or a flue, most electric fires are. So if it is safe to do so (consult any information that came with your fireplace to see how best to remove it), take the fireplace away until it is needed again.

You will be left with an alcove which you can fill with everything we mentioned above. You could choose to have a giant canvas print covering the hole, or choose instead to fill it with flowers. Either way, you’ve optimised the space for summer, and may like the results so much it becomes a new household tradition every year!



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