Summer centric decorations

With summer rolling in now, it’s time to readdress some things in your house. Even if you did make small changes in spring, it won’t hurt to update them further if it makes sense to do so. Summer brings in a whole new raft of options for every room in house, so we have compiled a list of them here, in the hope of getting your imagination all revved up.

Living Room


First off, we’ll deal with the room you’ll most likely want to update first, as it is the room you’ll want to impress with the most. The small changes should be immediately apparent. New flowers are always a good idea, with yellow flowers being the go-to choice due to their association with the sun. But there are plenty of plants in bloom of summer that come in all colours of the rainbow, and with supermarkets now offering cheap flowers by the basketful, there is little excuse to not change this up week to week.

Elsewhere, it might be worth swapping out some of the smaller appliances in the room. With more natural light coming through the windows, and for longer periods, you could put some (or all) of your lamps away. This changes up the dynamic of your living room slightly, and saves money. And why not change some of your photos to ones from summer holidays? It’s bound to get you in the mood ahead of this year’s holiday!



It’s time to bring some of the items you’ve had locked in a cupboard over winter out into the open again! You may have decided against leaving a lot of small items like sugar, tea bags, and fruit out in the open during winter, but it’s high time the got restored to the shelf or worktops. You should also consider utilising clear containers – the see-through glass or crystal will look beautiful when the sun hits it!



Missed the boat on having a spring refresh? Well luckily, spring cleaning is just a concept invented by retail stores in order to boost sales after a post-Christmas slump – you can decorate whenever you want!

A lot of interior décor experts are pushing “tropical” this year when it comes to bathrooms. Now obviously, uprooting your bathroom to install palm trees and a perch for your new pet toucan isn’t a viable option. But buying one or two exotic plants? That’s feasible.

As is incorporating tropical motifs. Animal motifs are in this year, so if you’re buying something small, like new towels, try to find ones with tropical birds or fish on them. If you do want to “go big”, you can work in beach colours (pale yellows, all shades of blue) to achieve this tropical theme.




The tips we have for the bedroom are similar to the living room – rotate ornaments, buy some flowers, etc. But unlike changing wallpapers or furniture colours, changing bedsheets is relatively inexpensive. So treat yourself to some new ones, and go bright! You may also want to do something similar with your curtains, as light coloured ones will let in more of that precious natural light than dark, heavy shaded ones will.


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