Shabby chic home design, yes or no

Shabby chic is quickly becoming the latest trend, with more and more people choosing to style their home in this design.  However, if you are new to interior design, or am simply just looking for décor inspiration, you might be wondering what shabby chic actually is.  Shabby chic is a way of interior designing your space with furniture and fittings that show signs of age and wear and tear or brand new items are distressed to give it the appearance of being an antique.  It does sounds expensive, but believe me you can get shabby chic style without breaking the bank . I will go more in depth later.

shabby chic bedroom


There are many advantages and disadvantages to shabby chic and it is not to everyone’s tastes. We have listed some of these pros and cons here to help you to answer the question, shabby chic home design, yes or no?

Advantages of Shabby chic

  • It is inexpensive: creating the shabby chic look is very cheap, you can recycle any old items you find, such as dressers, sideboards and tables. All you need to do is sand and re-paint, and potentially re-upholster the old furniture no one wants to make it work for your décor.
  • It is welcoming:  the shabby chic look is known for being light and crisp, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere that is welcoming to guests and feels homely to you.
  • It is easy to up-date and make personal: you can continually update the design of your home as and when you find new (old) furniture. Furthermore you can make the furniture and overall design personal to you, by selecting the fabrics you use to reupholster the furniture and the paint to suit your tastes and design.

Disadvantages of Shabby chic

  • It is becoming very common: so many people are choosing this décor for their home that it is starting to lose its uniqueness and intrigue, some might even find it boring by now. With some people not wanting to break out the paint and fabric they often turn to buying new furniture with a distressed look.  This might mean that homes with this look might end up having the same, or very similar looking furniture.
  • It can be difficult to get the look right: if you don’t know what you are doing it is easy to go overboard or miss the point completely and go from shabby chic, to just plain shabby. It can take some practice and research to get the look just right.
  • Can be seen as tacky: some elements of this design can be seen as tacky, such as sofa slipcovers which do make the look, however are not to everyone’s tastes.
  • Feels unorganised: when you are used to matching furniture and things fitting together nicely and looking the same, this design can feel a little mismatched and unorganised.

shabby chic kitchen

Whether or not you choose to style your home, or part of your house, in a shabby chic style is completely up to you and your preferences, if you like the look, then give it a try and see how it feels. When it comes to designing your home in a shabby chic style it is best to first research and understand how to properly create this design so that you create something beautiful, and not something that just looks shabby or like a dump site for furniture no one wants. But once you understand how to create this shabby chic look properly, you’ll find yourself finding bargains and new additions to your home all the time.


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