Cool down your house in the summer

With summer quickly approaching, minds will soon be turning to how to make the most of the rising temperatures. Holidays need planning, BBQ’s need to be unearthed, and someone need to pull the sun lounger out of the shed.

But just as soon as the warm temperatures arrive, the usual grumbles start. “It’s too hot”. “This house is too stuffy”. “Where is the fan?”. On and on this will go, because no matter what the weather, there are always downsides!

People are often averse to turning on the air-con, and with good reason. Air conditioning units can be huge energy drains, certain to impact your bill come the end of August. So what are the alternatives? Well here are a few ways you can cool down your home this summer that won’t cost the earth.


Close the curtains/blinds – Close doors to unused rooms

This first tip may seem counterproductive, but keeping curtains closed during the day time actually cools the room. The glass in our windows is great at providing heat (think of a greenhouse), so removing their ability to beam sunlight directly into the room will mean the room won’t get stifling during the day.

To help with this, close doors to unused rooms. Opening doors to create a cross-breeze is fine, but when you let that cool air in, you don’t want it moving to areas of the house not in use. Keep in focussed on where you are.


Cold Showers

Nice and simple, this one. Cooling your house is one thing, but you are usually only going to these efforts in order to cool yourself down. So start the process off right with a cold shower in the morning. It needn’t take long, and it will give you a nice cool start to the day.

In extremes, consider also taking a cloth, dosing it in water, and laying it across your forehead. It’s basic, but it can have a solid effect on your own internal cooling.

Cotton fabrics in the bedroom

Changing sheets from winter to summer is already something you likely do already. But you may not be paying much mind to the materials you are using. And you really should, as picking the right one can bring a lot of benefits.

Cotton is the best for the summer months. It is very breathable, so it will provide you with the best chance of staying cool at night, with or without a duvet inside it.

Use night time air


Speaking of night time, night air is a great thing to utilise if you can. Obviously, it will be cooler than the air in the day, so getting it inside your house whilst you sleep will have knock on benefits when you wake up the next morning.

If it is safe to do so, crack open some high up windows. If you don’t want your bedroom windows open, you could open the windows in a disused room and leave the door open. The air will have all night to circulate around your house – just make sure you shut the windows and close the doors before the warm air returns in the morning.


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