Choosing the best lighting for your interior decorating scheme

When people plan out their interior decorating schemes, they often think of the big items on the agenda first. What type of furniture to use, the decoration of the walls, the general vibe of the room and how it fits into the house at large, etc. All of these are things you have to address up front, no doubt. But eventually, you can start to get into the nitty gritty.

And that is what we are here to discuss today. Specifically, we’re looking at a decision that may go without much thought at all – lighting. Picking the right lighting for your new interior design is pivotal. Conversely, getting it wrong can undo all of your hard work.  

So which type of lighting set up, from bulb to fixture, is best for your house? Below are some useful guidelines.

Simple bulb with shade


Best for: Bedrooms

Most bedrooms are built with intimacy in mind. This is a room that is unique yours. No need to really worry what others may think of your design decisions in there. So really, the best lighting set-up will be whatever you feel most comfortable with.

But going with tradition, you may want to look into a simple bulb with a shade around it. This creates a warm, cosy light effect, perfect for when you need to relax. It is also relatively inexpensive, meaning you can splash out on more extravagant fixtures elsewhere, where you do want to impress.


Strip Light

Best for: Kitchens



Some may see strip lights as somewhat unsightly. They are usually found within places of work, like offices, and not traditionally within homes. But modern designs for this oft overlooked light have brought them up to modern standards of design. So now might be the time to reconsider them.

Picking the right one could be the final piece of the jigsaw when it comes to putting together your sleek, modern kitchen.

Energy efficient bulb

Best for: Bathrooms

We’ve all heard the jokes – “energy efficient bulbs are too slow”. Well that may have been true in previous years, but now, energy efficient LED bulbs are keeping touch with traditional ones.

They pose an interesting question from an interior decor point of view. If you haven’t got a room buzzing with eco-friendly products, and don’t intend to put them in every room, where do you put them? Well we suggest the bathroom, or any room that you don’t use a lot. That way, even if they are a little slow, it won’t be as regular of an annoyance. They also work great in bedrooms thanks to their soft light.


Ornate fixtures



Best for: Living rooms

Want to really impress? Get something big and fancy for your living room. A great lighting fixture can act as a perfect centrepiece in a front room, as eyes are naturally drawn to it. They also tend to be among the brightest lighting fixtures, usually because they have more than one bulb, making them ideal for the busiest room in the house.


You can either choose a ceiling fixture, or perhaps even consider some wall situated ones. They can help mask an otherwise bare wall, and are more functional than the pieces of art you may have put there otherwise.


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