How to use your holiday souvenirs

Coming back from a holiday, you may find that you accumulated more keepsakes than you had initially intended. While you’re out in the sun having a good time, you may be overwhelmed by a “Oh, let’s buy one of those and take it home!” sentiment. Upon your return home, you’re likely to think that maybe you didn’t need 5 different kinds of tea towel from the same resort.

Luckily, there is a way to put these excess trinkets to good use. In fact, vacations are a great source for decoration. Not only do they provide the materials, but they also provide the inspiration. So in today’s post, we’ll be examining the many ways in which you can bring the holiday back home and put it on display.

Digital photo frames

Digital photo frames have a lot of advantages.

Part of the problem with displaying holiday memorabilia, especially photos, is that in can be hard to incorporate it into the existing decor. Unless you have deliberately gone after the beach look in your bathroom, or the cabin feeling in your bedroom, there is unlikely to be a direct correlation.


So the best idea is to somewhat abandon trying to make these photos fit with the decor, by instead making them match the seasons. Load the frames full of beaches and sun drenched scenery during the summer, and as the temperature falls, replace them with photos from you Christmassy trips or skiing holidays.


Another option for the display of photos, regardless of decor, is to dedicate an entire wall to holidays. But instead of just littering it with random photos from each holiday, apply a structure to it. Namely – collages.

To do this, all you’ll need is a few photos and small items from each holiday. Ticket stubs, maps, souvenir jewellery, etc. Put them together in a uniform picture frame, and now you have a starting point for an ever-expanding art collection.


Bottles and sand


If the idea of a collage is either a little too time consuming, or a little on the nose for your subtle taste in decorating, here is a quirky alternative. Everywhere you go, collect sand, earth or water. When doing so, be sure to capture it in a locally brought glass bottle. Now you have a unique collection, bespoke to your travels, that can make you feel like a little bit of the country came back with you.


Now we can address those pesky tea towels. If you find that, in fact, one or two tea towels out of your collection of will suffice, there is something you can do with the rest. If you would like a unique set of stools or small chairs for your bedroom, dining room or for outside, you could reupholster neglected chairs with these tea towels. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Canvas prints

Your digital photos can go a long way these days. They can be turned into pillows, rugs, even shower curtains! But if you want to retain at least a little dignity, you can turn to canvas prints. These large blown-up photos can be made to look like pieces of modern art. If you finally nailed that family photo during your last holiday, this is perhaps the best way to display to anyone and everyone who visits.


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