Wedding reception at home – decorating tips

There is nothing more intimate than having a wedding at your own house, not only do you already have wonderful memories there, but once your wedding day is over, your home is going to mean even more to you. The practicality of organising the event itself can be quite daunting though. It’s not simply a case of inviting everyone round and enjoying the day, it’s about inviting people into your life in a more tangible way. Therefore there are certain factors you need to take into account so that on the day you are not worried about what people will think of your house, instead you will know that they are walking into a wonderfully decorated wedding reception.

wedding reception

To make sure you have created the perfect atmosphere there are an enormous amount of things to consider. Think about the weddings you have attended in the past, the weddings you have seen on TV or perhaps read about in magazines; every single one of them has something – ambiance.

How to create this:

Clean your House

This is probably the most important aspect to consider. People are going to be entering your home and the last thing you want them to think, is that it is dirty. Hire professional cleaners for the pre and post wedding clean up and then you won’t have to worry about it at all which will save you an inordinate amount of time, plus you will get a professional job. If you prefer to do it yourself – check out this guide.

Clear you Garden

Whether you are considering having part of your wedding outside or not your garden should look presentable. Cut the grass, weed the beds, plant some seasonal flowers that will be in bloom for the big day. Clean up all rubbish, paint the shed/fence, hide the bins and maybe add a bit of décor.

Decorate where necessary

Similarly inside the house you may want to think about touching up some old paintwork, or perhaps decorate a room to match your colour theme. You don’t want anything to look old or worn, you want everything to look fresh. Do bear in mind that paint smells and can take some time to dry, so if you are going to paint make sure you do this at least a week before the wedding.

Add décor

Now to adding the flamboyant touches. This is entirely up to you. If you want to go all out you could hire fabrics to drape over furniture or perhaps even the ceiling, because they tend to be rather dull. You could hang lighting from the ceiling by using lanterns or even strips of fairy lights.

Don’t feel you have to buy things to add these special touches either. You can just dress up what you already own. If you have a few vases fill them with flowers or fairy lights. Wrap ribbon around more dull features like bannisters and dining chairs to make them come to life.

In the garden add some bunting to a fence or wall, place tea lights in glass jars around the beds or perhaps even have solar lights for a similar effect.

Set the tone

The theme and tone of your wedding is all about you and what you want. If you want magical fairy land decorate accordingly, if you want quaint tea party buy some tea pots and cupcakes and you’ve pretty much nailed it. But there are other things to consider and one of these is music. During a wedding there will always be mingling time for your guests; whether this is while you are adding your finishing touches before you walk down the aisle or during the myriad photographs that will be taken. A great way to entertain your guests is with music. You can made a playlist and have it quietly playing in the background or you could hire a band or DJ to amuse your guests while you are busy.


Don’t think that if you are having your wedding at home you won’t be able to pull out all the stops because that is just not true. With some clever creativity you can make your house the most fantastical wedding reception venue ever. Where possible add colour and light, whether this is with ribbons or fabric, lanterns or fairy lights your options are numerous. Clean up your garden and home and you are not only doing jobs that you would probably want to do in the future, but you are making your home welcoming for your guests.


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