Creating a gender neutral baby room

When it comes to preparing for the addition of a new baby to your family, you will find that one of the biggest costs will be getting the nursery ready.  Preparing the nursery doesn’t simply mean re-decorating the room, the process involves buying new furniture and completely changing the room from whatever it was being used as before.  This can be quite costly, especially if you buy everything new and top of the range.  Arguably, the nursery does not need to be done straight away, for a while the baby can sleep in a Moses basket and in your room with you, so if you are finding the expense of having a baby a little too much, you can always wait until after your baby is born to create your nursery.

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Creating the perfect nursery is obviously going to be very important to you, though it is not always the easiest thing to do.  Some women know the gender of their baby and have even selected a name, allowing them to make the nursery personalised to their prince or princess.  Whereas other women don’t discover the sex of their child until they have been born, which therefore means they would need to create a gender neutral space.  Trying to make a room gender neutral is often one of the most difficult things to do when preparing your nursery, there are so many stereotypes of what should be for a girl and what should be for a boy that you need to try to avoid that it can be difficult to know how to decorate it for the best. To help you, here are some tips on creating a gender neutral room:

  • Themes: there are lots and lots of themes for boys and similarly for girls however, there aren’t many that work well for both a boy and a girl, helping you to create a gender neutral nursery.  Ones that do work well are animals, sea life, alphabet, nature and teddy bears, these themes when used with a suitable colour scheme, can really make the nursery absolutely perfect for your son or daughter. Here are some examples.
  • Colour Schemes: this is important to consider as most colours are considered either masculine or feminine, there are far fewer colours that are considered gender neutral.   Of course, you can choose to ignore the stereotypes and simply choose a colour scheme you prefer.  Perfect neutral colours are yellow, grey, green, browns and beige colours.  You could use bolder colours like red or orange, though these should be used sparingly or combined with another colour, such as red and grey which work perfectly together.
  • Accessories: think about everything you add to the room, for example a few teddy bears are fine after all babies like a teddy bear, however, lots of cuddly toys might make the room look girly.  When you add things like chairs, think about things like how many pillows you place on the chair.  If you add a baby changing station to the nursery, buy a gender neutral changing mat that matches your colour scheme to go on top of room

An alternative idea is to simply paint the nursery a neutral colour and add some removable wall stickers, then once your baby arrives, if the room doesn’t feel right for their gender you can easily take these stickers off and replace them with something more gender specific. As your baby gets older and closer to being a toddler, you may find you want to redecorate your nursery and by this time your child will have preferences on animals they like, or tv programmes they enjoy watching.  With this in mind, don’t stress too much about making your nursery perfect, instead, just make sure you have everything that is essential for your baby’s arrival.


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