How to make your Uni room feel more spacious

Moving away to University or College can be full of little problems. Moving house, starting a new job, and meeting new people are three of the most stressful things you can do in life, and you’ll be doing them all simultaneously! There are plenty of little concerns that go along with these. We plan to take down one such concern today – cramped living quarters.

While not entirely true 100% of the time, campus accommodation can be very small. These buildings have to accommodate a lot of students, so space is at a premium. You may also find off campus accommodation isn’t much bigger, and in either case, your options for making the room bigger are limited.

So we have put together a list of ways you can stay within the boundaries, whilst still making your room feel bigger. They don’t impact very much on the room, so they should be OK to implement, but be sure to check with the landlord before making any alterations.

uni room

No clutter

Filling your small room with clutter is a bad way to go about things. This will be the number one problem to get round if you are quite a messy person. We know that you’ll have to store a lot of things in these rooms in order to get your work done, but if it isn’t necessary, it has to go.

So don’t leave things lying around for days – pick them up and put them away. Having trouble finding the storage space? Fret not . . .

Hidden storage furniture

The best way to get around clutter, and keeping things on display to a minimum, is to buy furniture that doubles as storage space. While you won’t be able to buy many pieces of furniture for a small room, a few chairs and a bed with compartments should suffice. This is the best way to combat mess.



Mirrors have long been used to create the illusion of space. Think of all those mirrored drinks cabinets you see on the high street. You can use a similar trick to make your room appear larger. Just one mirror can help, but placing several around the room will be the most effective strategy. Plus, these can flood the room with light, which can actually help – a dark room feels smaller than a brightly lit room.


Draw eyes upwards

Now it is well lit, you can afford to draw the eyes of your guests inwards, and more importantly, upwards. Just my making people look up, you are making the room seem bigger subconsciously. You could choose to have a lot of vertically striped items, like lamps or art work. You could also cover the ceiling in posters and art, should that be within the rules of your renting agreement. Or why not both?


Put these tips into motion, and you should be able to escape the feeling of living in a cupboard for three years!



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