New halloween decorations

The start of October means one thing – Halloween related items are about to crop up everywhere. The last stop on the road towards Christmas sweeping in, the next few weeks are going to be awash with the same ghosts, zombies, skeletons and witches as it always is.

The rather set in stone Halloween fare means that creativity and originality can be hard to come buy for the would be festive decorator. Thankfully, we’re here to offer up some ideas that will hopefully make you stand out. And don’t worry – we haven’t gone overboard on budget either, so your bank account won’t RIP this October!

You can find more ideas on the web, like this one, which shows you how you can decorate your mirrors 🙂

Headless Horseman

We’ll start with a well known horror icon that perhaps isn’t as prominent in the trick or treat parties roaming the street as ghosts and ghouls. The Headless Horseman is, obviously, difficult to pull off without a lot of contortion. But it makes for an excellent decoration idea. If you can find some headless mannequins (fashion outlets are constantly selling them on), then you can dress them in clothes, put a pumpkin under their arm, and place them in the front yard.

Better yet, you could dress them in your old clothes, and make it the equivalent of a Halloween snowman! This way, you can get one for everyone in the family, and make for a really creepy welcoming party.

Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkins are unavoidable. Whether you like them or not, no Halloween house is complete without them. And there is no point running – it seems every food type in the country is getting a “pumpkin spiced” variation. So make the most of this tradition by thinking outside the box.

Bored of the orange norm? Break out the paint, and carve out a red, green, or even black pumpkin instead. Think the scary face is too cliché? You can make wonderful patterns with nothing more than drawing pins or electrical tape.


Minituried ghost towns

If your interior longs for more Halloween decorations, you could decide to craft a tiny ghost town. Similar to the miniature Christmas villages that pop in December, your little ghost town can turned into whatever Horror film you want to reenact in miniature. Great for taking up space and grabbing attention.

Similarly, you could experiment with decorating jars. Think of them as Halloween snow globes – you will one jar full of fake spiders, tiny little paper ghosts, or whatever else you think might send a chill down everyone’s spine. These can then be kept for the following years.


Old net curtains = Spider webs

If you have some net curtains that are a little past their prime, repurpose them as spider webs. Pull them apart delicately to make them quite frayed, and then drape them on furniture, mirrors, window frames, or whatever takes your fancy. It’s spooky, smart, and means that you are recycling!

Halloween wreath

Net curtains are the only thing you can repurpose. If you have a Christmas wreath that has seen better days, then it is primed to make a return as a Halloween wreath. Painting it black and adding a few more embellishments will make it a viable option to place on your front door again.

If you want to go even further down the Halloween art work rabbit hole, you could choose to replace all your usual pictures and decorations with Halloween variants. If you can access your photos digitally, you can change them to look more fittingly scary, and then replace them where the normal picture usually hangs. You can also swap out any statues or other such decorations with temporary Halloween equivalents – that replica of Michaelangelo’s David can afford to be a gargoyle for a few weeks!


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