Tips for decorating your first home

Moving out of your parent’s home and into your own property is a stressful , but exhilarating first step for most young people, it is usually the first taste of adulthood and the responsibility associated with this, that most people get.  When you finally find somewhere you want to rent or buy and after you have secured the property, you will likely to very eager to put your stamp on the place and redecorate to make it your own.  As this is the first property you will actually be decorating, you may not know where to start, alternatively you might be so full of ideas and enthusiasm that you jump in feet first and end up making some fatal decorating mistakes.  This post is designed to help to give you some ideas and some direction when it comes to decorating your first home.


Don’t buy everything new:  it is a good idea to buy your furniture second hand.  As this is the first property you are decorating you are still discovering what you like and don’t like and the design you think you have for your home, may not be the one that works well with your space and your tastes.  By buying second hand you not only save yourself lots of money, but you also don’t mind changing the furniture as your tastes change and you finally start to make your home your own.

Avoid rejecting freebies:  if your family and friends offer you a piece of furniture, don’t reject it straight away on the basis that it is second hand and/or not suitable for your interior design.  Many items can be reupholstered and repainted to make it work with the other pieces of furniture and again you will likely find that your taste will change anyway.

Try not to recreate a look you have seen: the biggest mistake people make is seeing a room that they like the design of and trying to copy it.  Every house and every room is different, what works for one may not work for the other.  Instead, take inspiration from other designs you see and apply the concept to your home, but add your own personal flair to it.

Mix it up a little:  the likelihood is your house won’t be completely perfect when you have finished decorating it, so keep trying new things until you find an arrangement and décor you are happy with. A good idea is to move the furniture around in the room, reposition things until you find the perfect spot for everything, do this weekly or every other week.

Decorate in neutral colours: by decorating in neutral colours you make it much easier to update the design and décor of your home.  Paint your room in something like white or beige and then use things like rugs, curtains, pillows and accessories to add colour.  Then if you decide to change your colour scheme you only need to change the accessories and do not need to completely redecorate.


Adopt the minimalistic look: though it may be tempting to fill your home with your belongings and really make it yours, avoid adding more things than you need into your new home. Instead, wait until you have lived there for a few weeks or months and you have a good idea as to what your décor tastes are.

Use temporary changes:  for example instead of wallpapering the walls in your house just buy some removable wall stickers, this will still brighten up the space but are much easier and cheaper to update.

The most important thing to remember is don’t go overboard, the decorating doesn’t need to be done immediately so take your time over it and make your house perfect.


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