Decor-inspired heating devices

When it comes to fireplaces, it is very much the case of function first, and form second. Though interior heating has changed a lot in the past thousand years, most manufacturers are still mainly constrained to a certain look, not wanting to branch too far out of the norm for fear of alienation.

This can be a real stumbling block for designers. If fireplaces are so set in stone, then how can you spice things up while sticking within these boundaries? You’re going to need a heating device, so you are stuck with the fireplace and the central heating, right?

Not necessarily. Alternative heating devices that do champion aesthetics are available, and below you’ll find a compiled list of just some that you can get your hands on right now.


Art heaters

We’ll start with those heating devices that are certainly skewed more towards the visual side of the scale. A quick search online will open up a whole new world of art installation radiators. Some are quite subtle and will blend into the background nicely. Others are loud and eye catching, resembling the most cutting edge modern art.


Iron sculpture electric radiators

Moving away from the straight up art imitators, you can also explore the world of metallic structures with radiators build in underneath. These range from small little bronze pieces to full floor to ceiling pieces that can take up a lot of room effectively.


Flat wall heaters

Of course, you could go in the opposite direction, and go for a radiator designed not to grab attention straight away. Some companies produce hangable radiators that either come with very basic designs on their flat, rectangular bodies, or are completely plain. These can be ideal for heating ultra modern homes.


Radiator furniture

Before we leave radiators, we will mention radiated furniture too. A relatively new invention, these coffee tables and chairs have radiators built in to their bases, that create a warm glow without the contact areas becoming hot to the touch.


Bladeless space heaters (Dyson)

If radiators aren’t your thing, and you are adamant on avoiding fireplaces altogether, then bladeless heaters may be the way to go. These ultra modern devices utilise new technology to generate and blow out heat without any visible blades. As an added bonus, they can also produce cold air, so at a flip of a switch they can become ideal for summer too.


Outdoor heaters

We’ll end today’s list by looking at your options outside the house. Patio heaters are becoming more and more common both at bars and at home. Thankfully, manufacturers have had 20 years to figure out the best way to heat an area up, so they have now started to become more concerned with patio heater design. Look hard enough, and you’ll certainly find something to suit your garden’s style.



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