How to use fabrics in your home decor

Fabrics aren’t likely to play a big roll in your home decor choices at the moment, outside of perhaps how they are used in furniture. They are something you think about within the confines of your wardrobe, but rarely anywhere else. But you may be missing out – fabrics can play a significant role in the decor of any room in your house.

Below, we’ve listed just some of the ways fabrics can be worked into your home decor plans. Fabrics represent creative, imaginative decor options for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.



While we opened by saying that fabrics aren’t just limited to furniture, we will in fact be starting off discussing furniture, though in a different way to usual. You no doubt have some furniture that you love, but know that it isn’t what it used to be the. The lustre has gone just a little – the edges are fraying; the colours are fading. But before you take it down to the dump, you could try saving it with a spot of upholstery.

It doesn’t actually take that long to reupholster a piece of furniture, if you have the resources and a little bit of free time. If you find an online guide, you’ll discover pretty quickly that very few chairs, sofas or stool are beyond saving.

As a fringe benefit, you also get the opportunity to include new fabrics into your home. Part of the reason you may be considering throwing out your current furniture is that it doesn’t suit your new decor scheme. Reupholstering it can help it match up better.



Want something really out of the box? Fabric art could be the way to go. Replacing the traditional photos and paintings with pictures made of leathers, silks or wools can really give your home a unique feature. Picture sewing art, or stitched pictorial rugs – anything that encourages touching as well as viewing. They make for great conversation starters, and room focal points too.



Though you have likely used them before, it may be time to revisit throws as a decor choice, as they are a cheap, versatile way to change up a piece of furniture, and by proxy a whole room. As temperatures fall, you are giving the chance to drape throws over sofas, chairs and tables, which gives them a new look. You will similarly change the look of the room again when you remove them in summer.

Similar to our first tip, revisiting throws lets you be creative in which fabrics you include in your home. If you feel your room is lacking leathers, furs, or some bright colours, you now have the perfect excuse to add some.

Ceiling fillers

In India, the second biggest fabric exporter in the world, fabric as decoration is much more prevalent, seen both in homes and at special occasions (weddings, etc.). Silk, a fabric synonymous with Indian culture, is great in so many ways, no least of which is it’s home decor potential.

Looking to make your ceiling stand out? You could elect to drape silk across it. This works particularly well in bedrooms, creating a romantic atmosphere as the super soft fabric hangs in waves from one side of the room to the other. If you want to use it in a bigger room, you could fix the silk to a central point in the middle of the ceiling, and then fan it out to the edges of the room.



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