5 Tips on Saving Money on your New Kitchen

5 Tips on Saving Money on your New Kitchen by Diamond Interiors Melbourne

The cost of a new kitchen can be a lot more than you expected. So how can you achieve your dream kitchen on a budget without compromising on quality? Read on for our Top 5 Tips on how to save a bit of cash in the creation of your new kitchen:

1. Cabinetry & Hardware:

  • Seek out alternative cabinetry finishes that will offer you the same desired look and style. For example, rather than using natural solid timber or veneer, you can use a textured laminate product (which will also equal less maintenance!). Checkout Laminex’s Impressions Range.
  • The cost of drawer systems and other pull-out/corner solutions can really add up. See if there are any cutbacks you can make here or seek out alternative brands. Always ensure you stick to well known and trusted brands as poor quality hardware can lead to disaster!

2. Stone Benchtops:

  • If you are looking to use a stone benchtop, be aware that each brand has different price tiers within their range. You can find the equivalent colour in a different brand and save a few dollars here.
  • Shop around – have your stone tops quoted by a few different stonemasons; ensure they are all reputable companies with good reviews, etc.
Statuario Venato
Smartstone’s ‘Statuario Venato’

3. Splashback Options:

  • Glass/Mirror splashbacks can be expensive – if you still want this look, look into other options such as Akril (acrylic panels) or Laminex’s Metaline Range. Always ensure Australian Standards are met when it comes to placing these materials behind a gas cooktop.
  • Tiled splashbacks offer an affordable and easy solution – you can find quality porcelain or glass tiles that can be placed directly behind a gas cooktop. Visit Perini Tiles for some great ideas and advice!
Perini Tiles Capri Range
Perini Tiles ‘Capri’ Porcelain Tile Collection

4. Kitchen Appliances:

  • Once again, make sure to shop around for that great deal! Try out Harris Scarfe or Dick Smith for some great deals on small and larger home appliances – each retailer has regular sales so keep track of them!
  • Look at a company’s outlet store where you can find discontinued items and floor stock – usually these items are in excellent condition but cannot be sold at full price as they’ve been removed from the box. Do remember that although you can find some amazing bargains, always ensure you physically examine anything purchased from clearance outlets as there can sometimes be defects you may not want to compromise on!
  • Package deals: Seek out package deals at your appliance store – purchasing most or all of your appliances from the one store usually leads to a great discount.

5. Other tips:

  • Always shop around for the best deals.
  • If you are using a Designer or Builder, speak to them about where you can cut back. Prepare a list of the items you are willing to change and a list of items that are ‘must haves’.
  • Simple design changes: Materials used in kitchen construction are available in set sizes. Take note of these dimensions and ensure your design fits into them. For example: Quartz based composite stones (such as Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz & Smartstone) are commonly available in lengths of 3m (each brand has its own variations of lengths and widths) so where you can, keep your benchtops at this length to avoid paying for an extra slab (especially when you may only be using 20cm of the extra slab!) Most stonemasons keep offcuts of popular colours so speak with them to see if they can help if you really do want the bigger benchtop.

Diamond Interiors is here to help! If you need assistance in selecting the best finishes and appliances to achieve your dream kitchen, click here!

Do you have any tips on saving money during a kitchen reno? Share your thoughts in the comments below!