Top 5 Tile Trends of 2016

Top Tile Trends

Following our recent post on Perini Tiles, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Trends to look out for in the tile industry over 2016.

Perini Tiles ‘Florence’ Collection

1. Faux Natural Materials: Although factors such as cost and maintenance have caused people  to steer clear of natural materials, the use of surfaces that simulate the look of natural stones and timbers have been increasingly popular. Porcelain tiles can give you the look, feel and charm of a marble tile without the associated cost and maintenance. There is also an alternative to natural timber: porcelain timber-look tiles let you achieve the look and texture of timber while allowing you the added bonus of being able to incorporate a timber-look in your wet areas.

Perini Tiles ‘Aragon’ Collection

2. Brick: An exposed brick wall can suit just about any style of home, from country classic to contemporary and modern. Due to the added cost of labour, maintenance and material costs of using actual bricks, this option has always been considered a luxury. Porcelain tiles created to simulate the look, texture and colour of brickwork now make this look more achievable and cost effective for your home.

Perin Tiles ‘Brix’ Collection

3. 3D Surfaces: Adding dimension and interest to a space, there are many options available in 3D tiles, from Bisazza’s Frozen Garden Collection to Perini’s Hive Collection. Get creative with your use of colour and 3D shapes.

Perini Tiles ‘Hive’ Collection

4. Geometric Shapes: Although standard squares and rectangles will always be a classic option, a new trend showcasing geometric patterns in tiles seems here to stay. From diamond shapes to irregular and regular hexagons, there truly is a world of possibilities.

Perini Tiles ‘Flintstone’ Collection

5. Handmade: Clients are craving the individuality and tactile surfaces of handmade products; expect to see a lot of brightly coloured handmade tiles in the world of interiors this year! Perini Tiles’ Sofia Collection is a perfect example of this trend.

Perini Tiles ‘Sofia’ Collection


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Which of these 5 Trends is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!





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