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With its roots in Roman and Medieval Architecture, Gothic Interior Design is heavily influenced by the ornate patterns and materials found in these two ecclesiastical styles, such as stained and ornately carved timbers, stained glass and wrought iron. Gothic design was initially popular c. 1150 to 1550 and later saw a revival in the late 1900s by the Victorians. Read on for our Top 5 Tips in incorporating a bit of Gothic drama in your home:


  1. Be bold with your selection of furniture and decor: Victorian inspired pieces will add a luxurious, Modern-Gothic appeal to your space. Create a dramatic statement with black lacquered and ornately carved furniture.
  2. Incorporate pops of colour such as rich purple, deep crimson, emerald or gold and pair these with a basic black.
  3. In terms of flooring, there are many options to add a touch of Gothic elegance to your space: Black and white patterned tiles/vinyls, pure white painted or dark stained timbers, plush carpets, etc.
  4. Create pattern and texture with use of an ornate wallpaper. There are many wallpapers on the market that are very easy to simply peel off when you’re looking to change your interior look.
  5. Get creative with lighting! Think luxurious chandeliers and wall sconces.
This image displays many elements of a luxuriously moody Modern Gothic interior: Plush patterned carpet in a rich purple that matches the colour of the couch and cushions. The couch itself displays ornate carvings  and clawed feet that further enhance the Victorian inspiration in this design.
In a classic Black vs. White scheme, this Dining Room creates a bold, elegant space. Ornate designs, textured wallpaper and feature chandeliers all work together to create a romantic Gothic inspired space.
Gothic Bathroom Design
Heavily influenced by Victorian design, this bathroom is the ultimate WOW factor! Featuring black lacquered furniture and all black bathroom fittings, features are detailed in metallic gold while the timber floor and textured walls add a sense of warmth to the space.
Gothic Kitchen Design
A rich, marble tile has been used on the floor of this kitchen, laying the groundwork of a luxurious space. The black painted finish to the cabinetry shows off the detailed face of each door, while the modern gold chandelier adds a touch of colour to the space. This design displays a perfect cross of interior styles: Modern Gothic, Country Chic.
black kitchen 3
A black and white checkerboard floor tile adds a touch of whimsy and old world charm to this bold butler’s kitchen. A stunning marble benchtop and chandelier complete the look and create the perfect companions to the striking black painted cabinetry.

All images featured in this post were sourced from Pinterest.

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