Top 5 Timeless Kitchen Colour Schemes

Top 5 Timeless Kitchen Colour Schemes by Diamond Interiors

When you are designing a new kitchen, you would want it to last through many years of use and enjoyment. With that being said, how do you ensure your kitchen’s style will also last through the test of time?

The key to creating a timeless colour scheme in your kitchen is to steer clear of looks that are “on trend”. Avoid using fad colours, shapes/patterns and finishes as these WILL be out of style over the next couple of years and you will be left with a kitchen that is totally 2016!

Of course, the safest option is to go all white and introduce colours and patterns with your accessories however, you can still go for something a little different while still remaining timeless. Instead of plain white cabinets and benchtops, opt for classic, tried and tested pairings such as:

1. Black/Timber: Pair black painted or laminated cabinets with warm timber accents for a dramatic and classic look.

Black & Timber Kitchen
Image courtesy of Pinterest

2. White/Timber: A softer pairing than the black/timber, whites paired with timber will always be in vogue with a nod to Nordic design philosophies.

White & Timber Kitchen_Perini
Image source: Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms

3. Black/White: Another classic pairing where you can be as dramatic or as discreet as you like in your placement of each shade. Add chrome or steel accents to accentuate this sleek, always in vogue kitchen style.

Black & White Kitchen
Image courtesy of Pinterest

4. Natural Stone: Do you crave a beautiful natural stone benchtop such as granite or marble? This will always pair up nicely with a soft ivory hue. Alternatively, pick out a colour from your natural stone and use that on your cabinets, i.e. a brown speckled granite benchtop paired with a deep coffee coloured cabinet.

Natural Stone & Ivory_Perini
Image source: Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms

5. Themed Kitchens: Although not a colour scheme per se, selecting a theme for your kitchen is another way of ensuring the longevity of your kitchen design. With respect to your home’s architectural style, a Country, Period style, or even Minimalist or Art Deco kitchen will always be considered as timeless when it suits your home, whereas ultra contemporary and “trendy” styles will fade and appear old fashioned in a few years(such as the mossy green tiles we all remember from the 70s! These were once on trend too!)

Themed Kitchens
French Provincial & Modern Art Deco Kitchens, Images courtesy of Pinterest

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What’s your favourite colour scheme in the kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!


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