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Perini Showroom: Italian Basin Collection – VetroFreddo

Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms

Perini’s latest addition to the Bridge Road showroom is a spectacular collection of luxury basins, designed to add a touch of glamour and prestige to your bathroom while also being the ultimate ‘wow’ factor!A variety of innovative materials have been employed in the creation of these stunning basins: Crystal, Florence Glass, Murano Glass, Teknoform, Vetrofreddo, Pert and Silicone.

This post will focus on the VetroFreddo Series of basins. Click on the links at the end of this article to see the entire collection.                 

Download Perini’s latest catalogue showcasing the entire collection: Perini Italian Basins Catalogue.  

What is VetroFreddo?

VetroFreddo is a material composed of glass pigments and resin. It is very similar to more commonly known solid surface materials such as Corian, however VetroFreddo is much harder and durable due to the addition of glass in its structure. This unique material can be moulded to create any shape imaginable and is also heat resistant in temperatures of up to 100⁰ C.

VetroFreddo Collection

Perini_VetroFreddo Basin Collection
VetroFreddo Collection

Each different style in the VetroFreddo Collection is currently available in Ferrari Red, Black, White, Translucent Grey (Selected basin models only) and Cognac.

Care & Maintenance

The VetroFreddo basins have a smooth, soft finish which can be easily maintained with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. You can even use a soft cloth dipped in a little bit of olive oil to maintain the material’s lustre.

Visit Perini’s website for further information and contact details.

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