Perini Showroom: Italian Basin Collection – Pert & Silicone/Siliconio

Download Perini’s latest catalogue showcasing the entire collection: Perini Italian Basins Catalogue.  

What is Pert?

Pert is a technological polymer that is not only highly durable, but also extremely lightweight. It has been specifically designed for cases where weight concerns are an issue, such as nautical or aeronautical spaces.

Pert Collection

Perini Pert Basin Collection
Pert Collection

Pert has the ability to be shaped into luxuriously smooth and fluid shapes, as seen in the Flower Basin (row 2 from the top in above image). With a range of colours to choose from, these basins sure are a showstopper!

Silicone/Siliconio Range

A soft, flexible silicone is used to create the basins in the Siliconio Range. This astonishing collection is easy to maintain, is non-toxic and is even resistant to extreme temperatures from -60⁰ C to 250⁰ C.

The Siliconio basins can even be backlit with the use of waterproof LED strips to further enhance the bright colours used in their creation.

Visit Perini’s website for further information and contact details.

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