The World’s Most Expensive Kitchen: Fiore de Cristallo

Complete with a crystal island and crystal fronted cabinets, Claudio Celiberti’s infamous kitchen design will set you back £1m, or just under $1.8m AUD.

The £1m-plus kitchen - Copyright Sean Gardiner 2012
The Fiore di Cristallo

Launched by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli at an exclusive Mayfair party in 2012, the ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ designer kitchen boasts a long list of luxury fittings. From its crystal island, Swarovski chandelier and crystal fronted cabinetry to copper clad hand crafted appliances, this kitchen is certainly a masterpiece of design.

“Claudio, in my mind, is an inspiration to all interior designers out there; whether you’re designing a kitchen, a whole house and indeed, one of my restaurants. As far as I’m concerned this kitchen, the ‘Fiore di Cristallo,’ to me is the equivalent of a kilo of white truffles on my pasta. In other words, Claudio has combined innovative design with functionality faultlessly. This is ultimate luxury at its best.”   – Aldo Zilli at the ‘Fiore de Cristallo’ launch.

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From left: Designer Claudio Celiberti & famous Chef Aldo Zilli

This exquisite kitchen is handcrafted in Italy using only the very best in quality materials, including world renowned Cristallo di Murano (originating from the Italian island of Murano, Murano crystal is traditionally hand made by master artisans). The kitchen takes about one year to create and has a waiting list of eight months.

The ‘Fiore de Cristallo’ includes but is not limited to the following luxurious features:

  • Solid Murano Crystal Island: $ 65,000.00 AUD
  • Swarovski Chandelier: $ 46,000.00 AUD
  • Stone Worktop: $ 12,500.00 AUD
  • Wine Climate Cabinet: $ 5,300.00 AUD
  • Copper Clad Fridge: $ 9,000.00 AUD
  • 9mm Crystal or Copper clad cabinetry, inclusive of crystal handles: $ 705,500.00 AUD
  • Crystal Sink: $ 4,800.00 AUD
  • Philip Starch Tapware (chrome with crystal cladding): $ 2,900.00 AUD
  • Handcrafted German appliances from Gaggenau: $ 42,500.00 AUD
  • Espresso Coffee Machine: $ 3,000.00 AUD

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Please note, the prices listed above are not a formal pricelist. If you are interested in creating this look in your home (lucky you!), contact your Kitchen & Bathroom Contractor for a formal quotation.

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