Why we HATE Interior Decorating Infographs!

We’ve all seen Interior Design & Styling info-graphs floating around online, i.e. on Pinterest, however is their advice always accurate?

We believe interior design and styling should not be something that is defined by strange and arbitrary rules. Your interior scheme should reflect YOU; your personality, your tastes, your family, your values, etc. and not the tastes of a Pinterest junkie who loves making pretty graphics.

These are our personal pet peeves – Tell us yours in the comments!

Our Top 3 Worst Offenders are:


A great tip for the #home. Consider the pillow patterns and placement on your sofa. Remember when redesigning your living room or media room.:
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Why we hate it: There are an enormous amount of cushions on that couch with no room left to actually sit on it. This couch is now just a comfy storage shelf for all your nice cushions.

What you should do instead:

Yes, do match up your cushions, layer colours, textures and shapes but make sure you keep it practical. Less is more in this case! A less cluttered couch makes for a practical living area where you will not have to plough through a pile of cushions just to be able to take a seat.


how to hang curtain rod above window | How to hang curtains infographic:
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More proof that higher and wider is where it's at: Decor PSA: Hang Curtains High & Wide.:
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Why we hate it: Let us be the first to say: your super high curtain rods look weird… Installing curtain rods too high makes your windows look disproportionate when you decide to get really crazy and actually open the curtains.

What you should do instead:

A curtain rod should be, say about 3 inches higher than your window. Do let the curtain itself come down to just ‘kiss’ the floor. Better yet, and of course if your budget allows, build bigger windows if you want bigger windows; you’re curtain rod isn’t going to fool anyone unless you’re curtains remain permanently closed!


11 Must-Pin Infographics for a Beautiful Home via @mydomaine:
Image source

Why we hate it:

Although we do agree with these layouts, there is a key factor missing in all of these examples: walls.

Yes, walls.

What you should do instead:

If you follow these rug layouts, make sure you still have plenty of room between the actual rug and the walls, otherwise, just get carpets installed rather than bothering with rugs. You should still be able to see some of the floor around the rug or risk being left with a giant rug that takes up the whole room – making the space look tiny. If you don’t have room to actually carry out these layouts, instead just use smaller matching area rugs only where needed: eg: 2 long, narrow rugs on either side of the bed; a rug between the television and coffee table for lounging in front of the telly, etc.

There are many great tips available online when it comes to decorating your home; not all infographs are bad! Always remember to infuse your own personality in there, as well as paying attention to what suits your lifestyle and what is practical for your home.

These are our personal pet peeves – Tell us yours in the comments!




2 thoughts on “Why we HATE Interior Decorating Infographs!

  1. My pet peeve is that on every HGTV show, they pile 3000 pillows on a bed to make it look “luxurious.” One show (I won’t name names, it might or might not be Property Brothers. Ok, it’s Property Brothers) they actually go so far to put 3000 pillows on a bed, then “chop” them to look like a head has been laying on them. Who does this in real life and where do they get all their spare time and room to put all those pillows when it’s time to sleep? I can’t imagine getting up every morning, making the bed, then replacing all 3000 of those pillows. I can barely shower and brush my teeth.

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