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4 Variations of Glass Splashbacks

Tired of glass splashbacks? Here are some new twists on an old favourite!

Over the last decade, glass splashbacks have been enormously popular in the world of kitchen design. However, we are now seeing a trend away from traditional glass to more creative variations, providing a new spin on an old favourite.

1. Install a Mirror Splashback: A luxurious option, mirror splashbacks can be quite the showpiece in any kitchen. There are several different mirror options available such as: standard silver, copper, black, patterned and antique style; each lending itself well to different colour schemes. Installing a mirror splashback can be a great way to reflect light around an otherwise dark space or act as a way of reflecting a particular feature such as an adjacent courtyard. It is important to keep in mind that mirror splashbacks will require more attention when cleaning and also to ensure you meet Australian Standards when installing behind a cooktop.

Dark mirror splashback featured in an Albert Park Kitchen renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms – Image Source

2. Use Toughened Glass with an image printed on the back: A creative way to use the traditional solid colour splashback is to print an image on the back of the glass. You can use your own photos, images of scenery and even wallpaper or stone patterns. Although it is possible to apply the glass directly over your printed image or wallpaper, this is not often warrantied as steam, dirt and liquids can squeeze through and get caught between the glass and the paper. The best option here is to have your glass manufacturer print the image directly onto the glass for a long lasting and quality finish.

Glass Marble Splashback
Marble image printed on glass – Image Source

3. Install Slump Glass: The term slump glass refers to the textured glass that is created by shaping the glass against molds at high temperatures. Most glass manufacturers that offer this product have a wide selection of patterns available, ranging from floral to geometric designs. Be strategic with your use of slump glass: avoid installing behind cooktops or sinks where splashes can occur as depending on which pattern you select, it can be hard to scrub  clean. Light up your slump glass splashback with LED strips for the ultimate WOW factor!

Slump Glass Splashback – Image Source

4. Use Acrylic Panels in place of glass: All the above options can be quite pricey! Achieve the same look as a glass splashback at a more attractive price by using acrylic panels instead. Brands such as Akril and Deziner Panels offer a huge range of acrylic panels, perfect for use as kitchen splashbacks. Once again, do keep in mind the manufacturer’s requirements when installing these products around cooktops!

custom grass splash back
Deziner Panels Custom Acrylic Splashback

Which of these options is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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