9 Home Staging Tips – How to Decorate your home to sell!

One of the biggest investments you will ever make is your home, so when it comes time to sell, of course you would want the very best price for it. Home staging (i.e.: decorating your home in a way as to appeal to buyers and ultimately, sell at a higher price) is key to getting the best value – Remember, you are likely to get a return of double or even triple the amount of dollars you put into your home! Read on to find out what our 9 best tips are in staging your home to sell:

  1. Attend to any necessary repairs: Have you been waiting for the chance to fix that fence or patch up those cracks in the walls? Now is the time to do it! Potential buyers will enjoy the luxury of being able to move in straight away without having to spend extra time and money on repairs and are usually happy to pay that little bit extra for it!
  2. Ensure your home is freshly painted: If your home is in need of a paint, make sure to do it! You can spot a freshly painted home from a mile away and the appeal is incredible. Use neutral tones that will compliment your home’s style, orientation and natural light.
It is easy to spot that this home has been freshly painted! Image Source
  • Colour Scheme: Keep your colour scheme simple: this isn’t the time to be bold with colour as in this case, you are trying to appeal to the broader market rather than a niche in the market. Ensure a simple and neutral theme around the home: use colours that have the widest appeal: neutrals, timber, glass, etc. all create a soothing and tranquil environment, making it easier for buyers to feel comfortable in the home. Think Cozy and Comforting – draw your inspiration from decor usually seen at a day spa.
  • De-clutter: One of the things potential buyers are most looking for is storage space. We all want more! Make sure your home is clutter free – arrange your items in covered baskets and closets, remove excess furniture items if need be and make sure your furniture is arranged in a way as to maximise the space and allow ease of movement throughout the home. For example, I had visited a home inspection where the couch was covering half of an open doorway. This just served to hi-light the fact that furniture shopping would be difficult for this particular living room as you were restricted with your options.
  • Keep your wardrobes and cupboards clean: As awkward as it may feel for you, do expect most visitors to open your cupboards and wardrobes! Make sure everything is neatly arranged and not squashed in – maximise your space and use baskets and lidded storage to conceal some of the clutter.
  • walk-in-closet-decorating-ideas-decoration-ideas-double-beautiful-together-with-walk-in-closet-decorating-furniture-picture-stylish-ikea-closets
    Keep your wardrobes & closets neat & tidy. Image Source
  • Remove any personal touches: Potential buyers are visiting your home and trying to imagine themselves and their family fitting into it. Make it easier by removing any personal items such as family photographs, souvenirs, cluttered notice boards, bills, etc. These items make it difficult for buyers to envisage themselves moving in as they are walking through feeling as if they are trespassing in your life!
  • Eliminate Bad Smells: Pointing out the obvious, but your home should smell pleasant for inspections! Get to work removing any pet smells, cooking smells, etc. Open up windows and doors for ventilation and use a quality air freshener. Have your carpets professionally cleaned if necessary. Avoid spraying strong perfumes as this can trigger allergies, making for an uncomfortable visit to your home inspection as well as instilling a sour taste in any potential buyer’s mind! For a delicious and ‘homey’ scent: Throw some cinnamon and vanilla essence in a small saucepan of boiling water before the inspection – releasing the pleasant smell of ‘home’ to potential buyers!
  • Decor & Accessories:  In terms of accessories: take your cue from display home villages: Books, magazines (home and fashion magazines work well here!), vases, placemats, anything that will add a stylish home touch.
  • Display home decor accessories
    A simple and neutral colour palette has been used in this display home. Image Source
  • Artwork: Art in the home is a great way of replacing personal touches such as photo frames. Keep it simple: If you have a beautiful collection, display it tastefully. You can buy cheaper pieces at second hand stores to get the job done – you could even spray paint all the frames in the same colour for continuity. Remember to hang your art at the right height (the center of the image should be at eye level) and to keep it tasteful: avoid subject matter that can be controversial or offensive (i.e: nudity, offensive language, racist imagery, etc.) as once again, people may be left with a sour taste after visiting your home inspection.
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