Shop The Look: Shades of Grey Bathroom Decor

Who could resist the tempting, soothing and tranquil tactile surfaces in this decor scheme? The colour palette layers shades of grey with exhilarating textures such as plush wool, concrete and timber, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Accent the look with a potted succulent; the plant featured in this look is actually made of rubber, making it suitableĀ for a maintenance free bathroom!

Shopping links have been included below for each piece in this selection!Adairs Bathroom Mood Board by Diamond Interiors.jpg

  1. Mercer + Reid Plush Pile Bath Mat in Coal
  2. Mercer + Reid Maddison Bathrobe in Grey Marle
  3. Home Republic Nordic Scented Candle: Lemongrass & Ginger
  4. Home Republic Silver Aloe
  5. Home Republic Darcy Velour Contrast Coal Bath Towel
  6. Home Republic Urban Bathroom Accessories Set

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