9 Ways to Personalise your Rental Home

Finding ways to decorate your rental home without upsetting the landlord can be tricky – With all the restrictions in place on rental properties, it can be very difficult to creatively express yourself in your home.

9 Ways to Decorate & Personalise your Rental Home by Diamond Interiors

Personalising the space we live in does play a big part in our well-being; it is important to feel both comfortable and at ease in your surroundings, especially when it comes to your own home.

Thankfully, there are now many options available to help spruce up the interiors in your rental home while staying on your landlord’s good side!

Paint the walls… with Dulux’s Paintable (and removable!) Wallpaper

Dulux has done it again – With their new range of textured removable wallpaper, you are now able to paint the walls in your rental home! With a great range of different textures to choose from and of course, Dulux’s extensive range of colours,there is something to suit everyone’s taste and style. Ensure to follow the instructions carefully and cover up the floors, furniture, etc. to avoid making a mess. The wallpaper easily comes away from the wall when you are ready for a change.

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Removable Wallpaper & Wall Decals

While on the topic of wallpaper, there is a huge range of removable wallpaper, stickers or decals available too that will certainly spruce up your rental home. Get creative with your use of colours, textures, patterns and imagery. Stick up a cityscape scene in your living room and when you’re tired of it, change it up for a deep forest scene! Once again, this solution will not damage your walls and provides an easy and colourful way of brightening up the space.

Removable Wallpaper The Wall Sticker Company
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Rugs & Soft Furnishings

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much we can do to change the floors without actually changing the floors! At least you can soften and change around the overall look of your rental home by using different area rugs, runners and mats around the home.

Compliment your floor coverings with soft furnishings such as table runners, throws and cushion covers to create a whole interior scheme that you can easily change up whenever you feel like it!

Adhesive Wall Hooks

Providing a zero damage solution for hanging your art, self adhesive wall hooks are the renter’s dream! You can pick them up at any hardware store; they are super strong and will not damage the walls or peel off the paint. They’re also great to use as towel hooks in your kitchen that you can place wherever is most convenient for you.

Photos, Art & Prints

Now that we have our handy self adhesive wall hooks, we can finally hang up our favourite photos, prints and art: what better way to add a personal touch to a rental home! Gone are the days of using blue-tack to stick on posters – Create gallery walls, put up your favourite photos and feel at home in your newly decorated rental home!

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Decorative Storage Solutions & Furniture

We all need more storage in our homes; relying on built in storage provided in a rental home isn’t always enough. Get creative with the way you keep your home clutter-free: invest in a quality bookshelf or freestanding storage unit, use lidded baskets or even a stack of vintage suitcases from the op-shop! Select furniture that will easily adapt to any home, meaning it will be easier to move when the time comes. Also ensure that you select pieces of furniture that incorporate storage options: ottomans with hidden storage, beds with drawers underneath, etc.


Liven up your space with the natural touch of indoor plants. Take a trip to your local garden store and see what’s available. There are plenty of options for indoor plants that require minimal to no maintenance. Of course, you could always purchase faux plants and flowers however, do keep an eye out for top quality pieces that don’t actually look like they are fake – you can spot the cheaper fakes from mile away and they don’t do too much to compliment the space!

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Although you may not be able to change light fittings, you can change the colour temperature and softness in your rental home by using different light bulbs. Changing a light bulb sounds like a minor change however, the difference in the room’s atmosphere can be incredible!

You also have the option of using decorative table and floor lamps to add a further boost of light in the space when needed, or to set the mood before kicking back for a great movie night!


Don’t forget to accessorise! Picture frames, mirrors, soft furnishings, books, vases, anything you can add to your rental home to make it feel more like a home! The beauty of creating a new look with accessories is that you can always change it up and try something completely different when you’re tired of it.

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Can you think of any more ways to add life to a rental home?

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