9 Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire you!

Current trends in the world of bathroom design and decoration reflect our having embraced of the notion of the bathroom being a room of luxury, health and well-being. The bathroom is no longer a purely functional space in the home, to be tucked away and kept hidden but rather, a space worthy of being celebrated and even flaunted!

Our bathroom is the perfect place to wind down, to enjoy the beauty of water, the experience of bathing and of self healing. How will you create your own dreamy oasis?!

9 Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire You! by Diamond Interiors

Hotel Inspired Luxury

A bathroom should be designed in a way that enhances the bathing experience; it is a place of relaxation and well-being so it should be given a bit of extra attention in the design stage to ensure it is a pleasurable space! Drawing inspiration from luxurious hotel bathrooms such as the examples seen below (The Beaumont Hotel, London), we are seeing a trend towards spaces that make use of luxurious colour schemes, materials and fittings, including ceiling mounted rain showers, double vanities and freestanding bathtubs.

The Beaumont Hotel in London – Image Source

Texture Combinations – Timber, Concrete & Natural Stone

Create a luxuriously tactile environment in your bathroom by combining textures such as concrete, timber and natural stone surfaces, creating a harmonious atmosphere that is truly soothing. This look is heavily inspired by our love of Scandinavian designed bathrooms and homes in general. This minimal ‘back to basics’ approach to design is one that lends itself extremely well to most different home designs and styles, making it easily adapted to suit just about any home.

Concrete Canister
Concrete & Timber canisters combined with a fresh, crisp white backdrop. Image Source

Marble Accents

The current trend of using marble or faux marble surfaces around the home has also made itself into our bathrooms. Vanity tops are being custom designed using either natural marble or engineered stones designed to simulate the appearance of marble (such as Caesarstone’s famous Calacatta Nuvo, as well their new 2016 colour options). Porcelain tiles made to look like marble are also in vogue with several design, sizes and textures to choose from.

Porcelain tiles with a marble look have been used in this super luxurious bathroom by Perini Builders. click here to find out more

Marble bathroom accessories such as trays, liquid soap dispensers, soap dishes and vases are also being used to enhance the luxurious vibe that marble offers to a bathroom.

Patterned & Large Tiles

Letting creativity reign free, patterned tiles are one of the hottest bathroom trends this year! From bold geometric designs to more discreet 3D patterns and even handpainted Moroccan Tiles, patterned tiles are definitely a trend to watch this year. Be creative with the way you introduce patterns in your bathroom: You could choose to create a surreal space with bold black and white patterned tiles as seen in the example below, or create a more subtle patterned look.

Bold patterned black & white tiles paired with a black painted ceiling create a surreal experience in this quirky bathroom by Perini Builders – click here to find out more.

Large format tiles are a trend that is here to stay for many reasons: larger tiles mean less grout to clean and also, they tend to make any space (even a small bathroom!) look larger! Do keep in mind that larger format tiles attract extra labour costs.

Porcelain Wall Panels

Instead of tiles, many clients are seeking the simplicity and seamless finish of porcelain wall panels such as Cosentino’s Dekton and WK Stone’s Quantum Six+. These options are available in as little as 6mm thicknesses and slabs measuring over 3m in length, giving you significantly less grout than traditional tiles would. Do keep in mind that these sorts of materials are usually higher in cost in terms of both the cost of the material itself and the cost of labour, than more traditional options.

WK Stone’s Quantum Six+ Panel. Image Source

Add a Touch of Greenery

Adding greenery to the bathroom creates a soothing, spa-like vibe. Use pot plants that require minimal attention and thrive in humid environments! Succulents are the perfect fit for any bathroom and they have the added bonus of looking great as part of any interior decorating scheme.

Image Source

Colour Schemes: Classic Whites, Neutrals, Charcoal Tones, Splashes of Colour

Keeping it light, airy and neutral is the go-to bathroom theme this year with heavily Scandinavian inspired interiors being all the rage. Combine this look with a strategic splash of colour in the form of patterned tiles or brightly coloured accessories, etc. to create visual interest in the space and add a glimpse of your personality and creative flair!

Using a neutral toned colour palette, this sleek and modern bathroom renovation by Perini Builders uses a variety of textures and finishes to create a visually soothing scheme – click here to find out more.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding tubs are a luxurious feature in any bathroom; After all, nothing beats a good long soak at the end of a busy day! A bathtub is always a great investment for a home, provided you have the space to for it. Of course, freestanding tubs do take up a little more room than their built-in counterparts. You could however, achieve a freestanding tub look by using a back-to-wall tub which has been designed to allow the appearance of a freestanding bath while actually being wall mounted on one side.

The ultimate in luxury, this Art Deco style Bathroom by Perini Builders features an amazing combination of textures, from Nero Marquina Marble on the vanity top to original timber flooring, concrete-look tiles and textured matt black wall tiles. Throw in a freestanding tub and crystal chandelier for the perfect finishing touch! click here to find out more.

Luxurious Basins

Glass, Crystal, Stone, Steel – Basins are being shaped and created using a vast range of materials, stepping away from the more traditional materials commonly seen in bathrooms such as porcelain and acrylic. Luxurious basins such as those pictured below are certain to create a rich atmosphere in your bathroom and don’t require any extravagant forms of maintenance you may expect from these sorts of materials; just like your usual bathroom basin, a quick wipe down with warm soapy water is always the best cleaner!

The earthy textured Rapolano series, now on display at Perini’s Richmond Showroom. Click here to find out more about this amazing collection!

Whether it’s a pretty plant, a luxurious mirror, a fancy showerhead; Tell us about something special you’ve added to your bathroom design in the comments below!